Meet The Team At Bronner’s PT. 3

Keeping the World’s Largest CHRISTmas Store merry and bright all year long takes a pretty remarkable team. Of course you’ll see many friendly faces when you visit Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan, but there are equally as many behind-the-scenes, too! Meet another 5 members from Bronner’s team in part 3 of our “Meet The Team” series.

Meet The Team At Bronner's Part 3


Catherine joined the team at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in 2010 and has been helping in-store guests take home “Gifts With PERSONAL-ity™” for 10 years!

Ornament Personalization Artist, Catherine

Curious of her favorite part of the job? Catherine tells us it’s “Meeting people from other countries and sometimes using my language skills. – I can speak Malaysian and three other dialects in Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin.”

We asked Catherine about her hidden talents, to which she shared that she enjoys “singing – in choir, duets, or as a soloist!” Next time you’re in store, maybe she’ll sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”😊

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Dietrich has been a part of the Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland family since … well his WHOLE life! Grandson of originator Wally Bronner, Dietrich is the first, third-generation family member to join the business officially in 2008. He works as our Catalog and Product Development Manager.

Dietrich Bronner, Bronner's Catalog Coordinator and Product Development Manager

As Product Development Manager…

We asked him what his favorite part of the job is and he shared,

“Creating and giving new experiences to guests, providing them the chance to be delighted by discovering something new. I love creating new things that haven’t yet been developed, to excite guests. As a result, it’s so rewarding when I am out in the store and hear the guests’ comments and reactions to our exclusive designs – that they love what they find.  You always need to be ahead of the curve to anticipate what people want.” 

As Catalog Coordinator…

Whereas of his favorite part of this role, Dietrich said,

“In creating the catalog, I enjoy writing, so I like the pages to flow and tell a story. The catalog offers ornaments celebrating all aspects of life so that customers can find both something to excite themselves and also to give to others, because there is so much joy in giving the perfect gift to someone.”

Additionally, we asked Dietrich about his hobby. He explained, “I have a huge love for cooking, farmers markets and farming.  Most of my grandparents were farmers.  It was an honor to volunteer and help start up two nonprofits, the Frankenmuth Farmers Market and the Michigan Farmers Market Association, and serve as the president and marketing lead for both.  We built a full commercial kitchen at the Frankenmuth Farmers Market along with a venue for dining, so I love supporting the farmers and using their harvest to cook anywhere from a 4-course to a 22-course menu. I always theme these as an edible experience, making the magic happen for the guests.  My grandfather always said that God gives you talent, and if you use it, then God will give you more.  So it is an honor to work and volunteer alongside other passionate people to enrich others’ lives.” 

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Crissy has been with Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland since 2010 and worked in our catalog and internet fulfillment department before moving to reception and then transitioning to personnel where she now leads as our Personnel manager.

Crissy, Bronner's HR Assistant Manager

We asked her what she loved of her job and Crissy informed us that, “The very best part of my job is hiring great people; there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone succeed!”

Additionally, we wanted to know Crissy’s dream plans for retirement. She tells us, “Lots of traveling and adventures!  My husband and I are avid campers.  We love exploring new areas and checking out natural wonders.”

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Dave has worked in the Internet fulfillment department at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland for 10 years!

Dave from Bronner's Shipping and Fulfillment Department

We asked Dave what his favorite part of the job is and he expressed, “After having a successful career which I retired from, I am now able to work in a wonderful environment surrounded by good people. My background in leadership affords me those opportunities again while working for Bronner’s. I enjoy being able to teach new employees that are assigned to my area in hopes they will find the same enjoyment with their new venture.” 

Of his hobbies, Dave told us he has several! “I am an avid golfer, playing in two golf leagues during the summer months and traveling to Myrtle Beach S.C. every spring with 20 other golfers for a week of golfing. I also enjoy turkey hunting every spring as well as riding my motorcycle and boating. And if that’s not enough, I have a passion for ice fishing!! My target fish are walleyes and perch.”

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Kendra has been a part of the customer service department at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland for 13 years!

Kendra, Bronner's Customer Service representative

Kendra’s favorite part of the job? She explains, “My favorite part of my job is helping guests with any problems with their order either through email, phone or at the front counter.  It gets very busy in customer service starting around Oct/Nov.  In December, people start panicking if they will be getting their orders before CHRISTmas.” 

Similar to Paula, we asked Kendra if she were trapped in a store for 24 hours, which she would choose? Kendra shared, “If I were trapped in a store for 24 hours, I would pick a craft store.” 

She continued “I love knitting, crocheting, painting, making wreaths, repurposing jars, making flowers out of crepe paper, etc.  I’ve been told by my friends that I needed to open my own craft store! One of my customers (I am a hairdresser as well), said to me ‘how do you have time to do all your crafts?’  I said ‘I just love to keep busy, and I love the outcome of the items.’  Most of the items I make are for gifts.  Nothing is better than homemade, I think!  If I see something on Pinterest, I usually think ‘I can do that!’ I’d also love to learn how to quilt.  I have not done that yet!”

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In light of Bronner’s staff numbering around 250 in the slower season but ramping up to over 700 at Christmas time, we can’t wait for you to meet a few more smiling faces and departments!

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