Meet The Team at Bronner’s PT. 2

Keeping the World’s Largest CHRISTmas Store merry and bright all year long takes a pretty remarkable team. While you may see many friendly faces when you visit Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan, there are equally as many behind-the-scenes, too. Meet 5 more members from Bronner’s team in part 2 of our “Meet The Team” series!

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland staff in 2018
Some of Bronner’s staff gather outside to celebrate Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2018.


Amy has worked in the checkout department at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland since 2016.

Amy from Bronner's Checkout

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, Amy replied, “my coworkers and meeting people from all over. I like to listen to their stories and see the excitement they have on their visit to Bronner’s.”

We also wondered if Amy could learn a new skill, what would she would choose? Amy enlightened us that she would “love to learn how to play the drums and guitar. I love music and attending concerts; but I certainly don’t have any musical talent.”

Did You Know that Bronner’s checkout has a complementary “Letter from Santa” upon request for the kiddos?! Or that you can pick up a free Birthday ornament gift with receipt as a participant in Zehnder’s Rewards Club?!


Autumn joined the Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland office staff in 2019 as a receptionist, recently transferring to our human resources department.

Autumn, Bronner's receptionist

With two seasons under her belt, we asked Autumn what her favorite part of the job is and she replied, “I honestly just enjoy talking to people when they come in with questions or when they call.”

We know of Autumn’s LOVE to bake, you could count on a treat in the office on almost any given day she worked before COVID – and she made this awesome painter’s palette cake for our Bob Ross post). But we wanted to know if she had any hidden talents? “I can sing fairly well and can act, supposedly. This is silly, but if you call it a talent, I have the entire first harry potter movie memorized word for word and can recite the lines. My children disagree that this is a talent.”

We tested her and asked for her favorite quote … “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, as long as one remembers to turn on the light.”💡


Cindy has been with Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland for 22 years! She started off as a sales clerk in our ornament department and transitioned after 6 years to our Internet Fulfillment department where she now serves as an assistant manager to over 200+ employees in our busy season!

Cindy, Bronner's fulfillment assistant manager

What is her favorite part of the job? Cindy shared that she loves, “being able to meet new people, making sure catalog and internet guests have a great experience when ordering from Bronner’s.”

We also asked her if she would chose to travel to the future or back in time? Cindy shared these heart-felt sentiments:

“I would go back in time because people seemed to be closer and got together more often. There was less technology to distract you from the important things like family and friends. Life was probably tougher but more rewarding. Back in time they lived with less but seemed genuinely happier. I have handwritten letters from the late 1800s that belonged to my ancestors and they are definitely a treasure as it is rare to even get a letter from someone in the present time. When I read these it is like stepping back and walking alongside them. Maybe that is why I love to collect oil lamps (and use them) because it gives me that sense of stepping back in time.”

Did You Know Bronner’s fulfillment department ships over 230,000 packages around the globe each year?! You can find information on Bronner’s INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES and more, online. (Read this fun trivia fact and others in our Bronner’s Trivia post.)


Paula has worked at Bronner’s since 2011 at checkout and is now one of the friendly faces you will see greeting you with the most joyous smile at our information desk! (Prior to COVID mandated masks.)

Paula, Bronner's friendly greeter

We asked her what her favorite part of the job is and Paula replied, “Seeing my children when they come in. I love my job!”

Curiosity begged the question of Paula, if she was trapped in a store for 24 hours, which would she choose? She replied, “Bronner’s. There is so much to see and look at. It is like looking at a magazine, every time you see something different.”

Our greeters do more than just welcome guests. They are available to help with stroller or wheel chair rentals, directions, tips for visiting Frankenmuth or even to help guests place a page when they’ve been separated in-store from a loved one. 


Denise joined the Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland team in 1996. In her 26 years here she has worked as both a sales clerk in our gifts area and as part of the catalog and internet order fulfillment department before transferring to work with our commercial division! 

Denise from Bronner's commercial division

Wanting to know her favorite part of the job, Denise told us it is “coordinating the commercial catalog”.

Every one loves a good quote! We asked Denise what her favorite is. She shared from an author unknown, “Faith is not believing that God can, it’s knowing that God will.”

Bronner’s Commercial team has been supplying and servicing clients worldwide with commercial interior and exterior decorations celebrating Christmas and all seasons for 75 years! Among the list? Municipalities, zoos, major motion picture studios, shopping centers and malls and commercial businesses! Check out this post to get a glimpse into the world of Bronner’s when ho-ho-Hollywood calls.


In light of Bronner’s staff numbering around 250 in the slower season but ramping up to over 700 at Christmas time, we can’t wait for you to meet a few more smiling faces and departments!

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