How To Make A Bow

Ribbon bows …. they come in many shapes and sizes and are a fantastic way to dress up a tree top, wreath, doorway, present and so much more! But have you ever felt intimidated at the thought of making your own? Those days are over as we show you how to make a bow with just a few supplies in this post!


I remember when I was young child, my Grandma gifted me a bow making kit one Christmas. It was basically a wooden board that held two small, upright dowels, some ribbon, wire and an instructional VHS tape. (Yes, the 90s were, like, all that and a bag of chips!)

Bronner’s decorators use a similar technique in bow making without all the extras! (Which is probably a good thing if you, like me, don’t have a VHS player anymore!😂)


How To Make A Bow Supplies

*Wire lined ribbon makes the best shaped bows.


Measure out 5 yards of ribbon. Cut ends with a slight angle.

Cut Ribbon To Make A Bow

Starting with one end, make a loop. Pinch together at the center with your fingers.

To Make A Bow, Create Center Loop

Next, make a longer loop. Twist the ribbon under the center loop and hold in place with your fingers. Repeat in the other direction, making the loops symmetrical. Continue creating loops, making each row a little longer than before. Continue until remaining ribbon is approximately a foot long, or your desired length (to make tails.)

Make Loops To Make A Bow

Bring the remaining end of the ribbon to the center to make one large, long loop. Put a chenille stem through your fingers, around all of the ribbon, pull it tight and then twist to secure. (The tighter it is, the puffier the bow will be.)

Make A Bow, Bring Ribbon End To Bow
To Make A Bow, Twist Tie Ribbon Together

Stagger the bow loops and pull the tail loop down.

Pull Loops To Make A Bow

Find the center of the tail loop. Fold the ribbon in half long-ways. Take sharp scissors and cut the ribbon at a 45 degree angle.

Fold And Cut Ribbon Tail


Amanda shows you another simple bow making technique Bronner’s decorators use in this short how-to video – still no VHS required😉

PRO DECORATING TIP: Stuff bow loops with tissue paper when storing to help bows keep their shape and life!

Tissue Paper Helps Kepp Bow Loop Shape In Storage
Find this, and other great tips from Bronner’s staff in our 20 Top Tips post!

How to make a bow infograph is available at

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