Your Dream Job?

What is YOUR dream job? A position that would rake in boatloads of cash? Or maybe a favorite hobby turned into a full-time job? A job where you’re surrounded by things you love, like working at a library, surrounded by books; a coffee shop, surrounded by your favorite brew; or better yet, selling ornaments, lights and more at Bronner’s, surrounded by Christmas?!

What does a job at Bronner’s look like, you ask? In the early days of Bronner’s Christmas Decorations, the staff was much smaller than the nearly 750 who come on board during the busy season today. The uniforms were different, too. The Christmas trees on these sales clerks’ skirts lit up! Wouldn’t you love to have one of those today?!



The early Bronner’s staff gathered for a picture in 1962. Sales clerks, sign painters, display makers, commercial salesmen, office staff – everyone came together for the annual staff photo!

Bronner staff photo 1962

A doorman welcomed guests to the Original Store in 1962. During the busy season, lines grew long as guests traveled to Bronner’s three downtown stores to purchase Christmas decorations and gifts. In addition to giving guests a warm welcome, the doorman was responsible for making sure building fire regulations were followed, limiting the number of guests in the stores at any time for safety purposes.

Inside of old store entrance 1962

A sales clerk placed product in the Original Store in 1975.

Inside of old store with Charmaine (Boesenecker) Whalen 1975

Jump ahead several decades and today you’ll find Bronner’s staff consolidated on the beautiful 27-acre site at 25 Christmas Lane, receiving thousands of products that arrive each summer …


assisting guests with their selections …

Santa - Horiz_resized

shipping well over 200,000 packages each year …


and caring for the property and displays along  the half-mile long Christmas Lane.


Interested in joining Bronner’s staff in 2016? You can apply online or at reception just inside Bronner’s south entrance in section 4.

Crissy from Bronner’s personnel department provides you with more details.


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