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DIY Greenhouse

Decorative greenhouse made from wooden 4 x 6 picture frames.


  • 12 4 x 6 Wooden Picture Frames
  • 2 Decorative Wooden Onlay Appliques
  • 4 Metal Jewelry Box Feet

For Assembly & Finishing

  • Wooden Glue
  • Paint optional
  • Zip Ties optional


  • Carefully disassemble the frames and save the glass. (The backing can be discarded if you wish.)
  • Using wooden glue, connect the wooden frames as shown in the blueprint below. Then allow to cure according to bottle directions.
  • Once the different pieces have cured, glue and assemble the greenhouse frame together. (Zip ties may be useful in securing as you work and until it dries.)
  • After the greenhouse frame has had time to set, add the wooden onlay appliques onto either side of the roof.
  • If desired, paint your greenhouse. We used sandpaper to bring back some of the wooden frame for a shabby chic vibe. Additionally, we added some gold accents by rubbing a stamp pad across the frames. Alternatively, you could simply paint these accents.
  • Once dry, glue the metal jewelry box feet at the bottom. (We opted for a multi-surface Gorilla Glue┬« here.)
  • Finally, carefully replace the glass back into the frames securing the metal prongs as snugly as possible.