Wedding Trends 2020

2020 wedding trends favor bold color, beautiful lighting, sustainable practices and individuality. The bride and groom are celebrating their special day. Hence, time for them to make it all their own! Each trend adapts to any size wedding – large or small.

Weddings Trends: Bold Color

The days of a 2-color wedding scheme are gone. Accordingly, trends suggest the couple feature their favorite color(s). Bold tones are replacing pastel colors. (Where pastels are still being used, neo mint is replacing pink.) In addition, Cassis, a darker, grayer purple, is popular. Pantone chose Classic Blue as its Color of the Year. Classic Blue makes a full range of bold blues popular in wedding trends, too. Undeniably, wedding colors are less matchy-matchy and prints are welcome. The bottom line: showcase your favorite color(s) and go bold!

slide showing Pantone Color of the Year 2020, classic blue

Wedding Trends: Beautiful Lights

black and white wedding photo featuring bride and groom with multitude of string and rope white lights decorating the venue
photo credit: savannahK {photography}

In addition to bold color, beautiful lights set the stage for celebration! Great options for the bride and groom include hanging installations, tube lighting, LED bars, candles and light shows. Suspended globes, lampshades, chandeliers, hanging lanterns, hanging lighted wreaths and fairy lights in a concentrated space set the scene. Accordingly, one of my favorite hanging installations is Bronner’s pure white weeping willow lights. They come in 3.3 ft. and 6.5 ft. lengths. Unquestionably, they make a beautiful statement hanging above guest and wedding party tables, and from arbors and other key locations.

pure white weeping willow lights

A second favorite hanging installation of mine is our lighted bubble tree. Clear 3.25-inch glass ornaments hang with fish line from the ceiling. Decorators spaced and hung them at various lengths to create the shape of an evergreen (Christmas) tree. Finally, they lit the “tree” from beneath with an RGBW LED wall washer light bar. The effect is stunning and unique. Moreover, you can create a limitless variety of designs using this technique. How about an inverted triangle or a curtain?

Thirdly, wreaths make a wonderfully versatile wedding lighting option, especially as a hanging installation. Hang them horizontally using ribbon, chain, twine, etc. Simply light each one with battery-operated lights for use anywhere. Start with a pre-lit wreath or light your own.

Considering a Christmas-themed wedding? We can help!

Wedding Trends: Sustainable Practices

To be sure, sustainable and eco-friendly practices are trending for weddings this year. Consider flowers, for example. You can repurpose popular dried flowers following your wedding. Create these ornament keepsakes that will remind you of your special day for years to come.

Similarly, you can find a new home for potted live plants and flowers. Afterwards, donate them to a church, hospital or nursing home. Or at the very least, recycle/compost the floral remains.

Wedding Trends: Individuality & Personalization

All things considered, personalization is a wedding trend that’s been popular for several years. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Brides and grooms can leave their own personal mark on everything. They can personalize anything from their vows to the location to the attire to the menu and more. Like our ornament cake topper idea, which can be left simply or dressed up with flowers!

Bronner's personalized white and gold forever and always ornaments hung from a gold ornament stand as a wedding cake topper
Personalized Forever And Always Infinity Glass Ornament (1186185)

And guests can make it personal, too. Correspondingly, you can present the happy couple with a personalized ornament gift box from Bronner’s. In addition to a personalized wedding ornament to mark the occasion, you can include ornaments reflecting the couple’s hobbies, occupations, pets, favorite colors and more. In like manner, help the happy couple picture memories of their special day for always in our wedding window frame.

Wedding Window Frame

Take the case of ChristiAnna and Andrew, who shared their wedding photos with us for that personal touch. Our country-themed blog post is full of wedding ideas, recipes and ornaments!

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