Virtual Christmas Party Kit Ideas

Certainly the social distancing caused by the pandemic of 2020 caused us to innovate new, creative ways to connect with our loved ones. And while we can celebrate joyously together in-person once again, for those that are separated by distance, a virtual Christmas party kit is a great way to help you feel a little closer to each other as you celebrate Christmas (or even Christmas in July) together!

Speaking of which, this virtual party kit idea comes as the 3rd day in Bronner’s “12 Days Of Christmas In July” celebration!

Bronner's 12 days of Christmas in July!

Are you ready to party?! Us, too!

Virtual Christmas Party Kit Ideas from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland
Featured: I Spy Activity; Personalized Sunset Ornament (1166290) Christmas Carols Songbook (1220531); Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® Christmas Crackers (1105403)

Virtual Party Kit

What is a virtual party kit and how is it used? A virtual party kit is simply a package you put together and ship to your loved ones with a few items to help you celebrate an occasion together virtually – be it through Zoom, FB LIVE, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Whatsapp, Skype or the many other facetime avenues that have been created to help us connect through the distance.

Furthermore, virtual party kits are perfect for all kinds of celebrations. For example, think birthdays, engagements/ bridal showers, graduation/ open house, gender reveals/ baby showers, holidays and SO-MUCH-MORE.

Of course, being the “World’s Largest CHRISTmas Store®”, we’ll focus on Christmas. (And because we think Christmas should come more than ‘but once a year’ – these ideas will also make a perfect Christmas In July celebration, too!)

Virtual Christmas Party With Kit

How To Plan Your Virtual Party Kit

To start, you’ll want to make a few lists. For example, a guest list will help you plan how many total kits you want to assemble. Additionally, it will help with counts for the items you’ll need that you wish to include.

Next, you may wish to create an invitation to send out beforehand. This way loved ones can save-the-date for your virtual celebration! (We’re sharing our printable “HAPPY HULADAYS” themed invite, free for personal use only.)

Happy Huladays Virtual Christmas Party Invite

Furthermore, you’ll want to plan your event. In particular, will your party have a theme*? Whether you are one of those who likes to plan a minute-by-minute agenda or a more “go-with-the-flow” type – having some sort of planned program will help you to prepare for which items you’ll want to put in your virtual party kits.

Lastly, working from your agenda, you’ll want to plan which items you need with attention to how many people you are including. For example, you may be creating one kit for a household that has multiple party guests which may result in needing additional of certain supplies.

Virtual Christmas Party Kit
Featured: Personalized Sunset Ornament (1166290); Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer® Christmas Crackers (1105403)

And why not encourage every one to really get in the spirit by showing up in their best “Christmas cheer gear” or ugly Christmas sweater?! Party goers can vote on who wins the title for best dressed!

So just what do you include in a virtual Christmas party kit?! Well, the ideas really are numerous, but we’re sharing just a few to help you get started …

Christmas (In July) Virtual Party Kit Ideas

Virtual Party Kit Includes Christmas Carols songbook From Bronner's
Featured: Christmas Carols Songbook (1220531)
  • Christmas Crackers: Because what better way is there to get the party crackin’?! You can make your own custom party poppers or buy pre-made ones. (Select styles available for order through Bronner’s Customer Service.)
  • Activities: Like word searches or crosswords or Bronner’s I Spy graphic are all great inclusions for your virtual party kit. Compete to see who can accurately complete the activity in the quickest time for bragging rights!
  • Hot Cocoa Or Tea & Small Treat: No party is complete without food and drink. You may not be able to mail a whole feast, but you can certainly include a fun hot cocoa or tea and travel-safe treat, so every one can “Eat & Be Merry!” together.
  • Christmas Caroling Book: A must! Because as Buddy the elf says, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” You don’t have to be Celine Dion to sing along – this is a safe space! So sing loud and proud friends!😂 You all will be well on your way to rocking around the Christmas tree screen!
  • Popcorn: Looking for some good old-fashioned fun?! Include a bag of popcorn, string of yarn and plastic needle so every one can make their own popcorn garland! (Our “How My Mom Makes/Made Christmas Merry” 2019 contest winner, Sheila Weller, shares her mom’s brilliant idea on just what to do with your garland once done!)
  • Ornament*: This will make a great keepsake for the Christmas tree to commemorate the affair for years to come. Choose from Bronner’s wide selection of fun ornaments, including many which can be personalized by one of our talented artists at no additional charge!
  • Creation Challenge: Here’s a fun idea! Include little tubs of playdough and have loved ones sculpt Christmas creations (alternatively, you can complete this challenge blindfolded for even more hilarity!) Reveal your masterpieces to each other to see who wins the titles for BEST CREATION, MOST CREATIVE, and BEST TRY 🤣 

Additionally, you may wish to think of different ways to incorporate family traditions in to your virtual celebration.

Virtual Christmas Party Kit – Cool Tips:

Save old scraps of wrapping paper and recycle them by wrapping the insides of your packages for a more festive appeal!

Virtual Christmas Party Kit - Wrapping Paper
Curled Wrapping Paper Confetti

Additionally, you can cut odds & ends scraps of wrapping paper into strips. Curl them the same way as you would curling-ribbon to upcycle and repurpose trash into a beautiful confetti filler for your virtual party kit. (Or to any party décor or gift you are looking to add confetti to.)

This funfetti tip is inspired from our DIY paper curl filled ornament video tutorial.

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