Victorian Style: DIY Cherub In Clouds Christmas Ornament

My love of vintage started long ago, but my fascination with old-fashioned Christmases, more specifically, began with my first trip to the Henry Ford’s Holiday Nights! So it’s only natural that my own Christmas tree, with a beautiful selection of European glass ornaments and silver tinsel icicles from Bronner’s, is slowly entering a time warp. But there’s just something special about adding those hand-made touches to your tree, isn’t there?! In particular, this DIY cherub in the clouds ornament! It’s an absolute dream and we’re sharing how you can make one too.

Cherub In the Clouds DIY Ornament
Victorian Cherub Glass Ornament
Featured: Cherub Angel Glass Ornament (1220138)

In Victorian times, ornaments were often hand-crafted from cards and embellished with paper, tinsel and such. In contrast, I love to take old things and put a little spin on them. That’s why I am simply over the moon with how these cherub in the cloud ornaments turned out! The vintage art paired with textile and shimmering confetti has all the vintage vibes, but the clear glass bulb and mica flakes is a nod to things more modern. Moreover it fits so divinely with some of my favorite new ornaments, like the cherub ornament made from glass in Poland for instance.

You don’t have to dream about this angel much longer, let’s show you how to make your own!

Victorian Cherub In the Clouds Glass Ornament On Christmas Tree
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DIY Cherub In The Clouds Ornament

Cherub In the Clouds Ornament

Modern flair meets vintage vibes in this DREAMY DIY "Cherub In The Clouds" ornament we know you'll be simply over-the-moon for!
Author: Aileen Libbey


Ornament Supplies

  • 1 Clear Glass Bulb
  • Spider Webbing Material Cotton Balls will also work
  • Angel Art see notes
  • Heavyweight Paper not cardstock*
  • Gold Star Sequins
  • 3-4" 28 Gauge Wire
  • Mica Flakes Optional


  • Pliers & Long Tweezers helpful but not necessary
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape or Glue Stick
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Mod Podge® & Foam Applicator if using Mica Flakes
  • Thick Rubber Band if using Mica Flakes


Preparing the Angel Ephemera

  • Fold the wire in half and twist, leaving the ends open and spread into a "V".
  • Hook the wire's "V" ends down. These will help to hold your angel in place.
  • Using double sided tape or glue stick, affix the cherub ephemera to heavyweight paper with the wire hanger sandwiched between.
    Options for making your ornament double-sided: Use two pieces of mirrored art and place them back to back. Alternatively, if you only have one art piece, you can use metallic or glittered paper on the back.

Putting It All Together

  • Being careful not to cut yourself on the ornament neck, place spider webbing inside of the ornament. It will compact as you do this, but you can gently shake it in the ornament to fluff it back up.
  • Gently roll your angel, like a letter in a bottle, and then use long tweezers to help fold it open. The heavyweight paper backing will help keep the angel from staying curled. Cardstock will be too thick to work with.
  • Fold the hanger hooks gently over the ornament neck to keep the angel in place.
  • Sprinkle in gold confetti stars.
  • Add a ring of hot glue around the ornament neck and replace the topper. (This will secure your wire hanger in place.)

Optional Mica Flake Backing

  • Wrap the rubber band around the ornament vertically. (Make sure your rubber band is large enough so that the pressure does not crush the ornament.)
  • Working within the rubber band's edge, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge® and sprinkle with Mica Flakes. Allow to dry fully, then remove the rubber band.


Source art from cards, books or magazines. Antique shops are often filled with a fun selection around the holidays and a great way to support local businesses and vendors. Or, alternatively, Ephemera books provide great options to work from as well. 

Cherub In The Clouds

The great thing about this heavenly cherub is that she can be displayed all year long! My favorite way to display her is from Bronner’s collapsible 8″ gold ornament stand with another bed of clouds, sprinkled with more stars, beneath. You can place this within a glass cloche to keep dust at bay. Undoubtedly it’s sure to be a dreamy addition to a small vignette.

Bronner’s collapsible ornament stands are an absolutely fabulous idea! Because it compacts, it stores more easily. But the innovative two-piece stand is designed to lock in place with a heavier gauge metal at the base for ultimate sturdiness. And while I’ve become partial to the antique gold, it also comes in a silver finish!

Collapsible Gold Ornament Stand
Featured: 8″ Collapsible Gold Ornament Stand (1213441)

Alternatively, Bronner’s carries a beautiful selection of Egyptian Glass items in store. And so in the same thread of innovation, their etched-glass fruit bowl is the perfect pedestal for displaying our Cherub in the Clouds when flipped over.

Cherub In the Clouds Glass Ornament
Featured: Egyptian Etched Glass Fruit Bowl As Ornament Stand (1217063); Clear Glass Ornament, Set Of 4 (1104515)

The soft subtlety of hue in the blue glass carries through to the cloud art on our Angel ephemera while the gold rim plays off the celestial stars within. Isn’t she an absolute dream?

What’s more, these Egyptian etched glass fruit bowls come in an assortment of colors, so you choose what fits your art or décor best!

The idea came after requests poured in on the antique glass candle holders we use as a photo prop in our “DIY dried flower ornaments” post. As a result, one of our buyers came up with this clever reversal.

Merry CHRISTmas

One thing I love most about this DIY angel ornament? That it reminds us of the majesty of our heavenly Father, where angels surround His throne singing “Holy, Holy, Holy!” day and night.

“In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10

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