Top 10 Finds Under $10 at Bronner’s

CYBER MONDAY is here!! While many are searching the worldwide web for the best Cyber Monday sales, we’ve got something even better! We’re sharing a TOP 10 finds from that are always under $10 so you can save today – or any day!

TOP 10 FINDS UNDER $10 … at!

10. Stained-Glass Chocolate Advent Calendar $3.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1186985

9.  Lace Angel Ornament Set Of 3 $8.95 – Bronner’s Item: 1204589

8. Nativity Chocolate Advent Calendar $3.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1167682

7. 6″ Brass Ornament Stand $1.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1084969

6. Silent Night 200th Anniversary Glass Ornament $9.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1201513

5. Glittering Poinsettia Plastic Ornament $4.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1202231

4. Memorial With Cardinal Glass Ornament $9.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1200407

3. Walnut-Half Nutshell With Nativity Ornament $3.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1017953

2. Red Fedora Hat $8.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1142350

1. Rotating Full Color LED Light Bulb $6.99 – Bronner’s Item: 1197041


With over 50,000 trims and gifts for all seasons, reasons and budgets, here are a few fun facts you may not have known!

  • Not all of the items in-store are available at! All the more reason to add a visit to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the World’s Largest Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan, to your Bucket List!
  • Many of our items retail for under $10! (Two-thirds sell for under $20!)
  • Bronner’s features a selection of ornaments and items that are made in the USA including a variety of treats in our Season’s Eating’s Snack Area!
  • Approximately 4,000 items are EXCLUSIVELY designed and crafted for Bronner’s! (You may enjoy a peak into the process of how our exclusive annual designs are developed.)
  • About 2,000 items are available for free personalization at Bronner’s and make fantastic “Gifts With PERSONAL-ity™.”
  • Bronner’s has a selection of fair-trade ornaments available in-store.
  • Bronner’s sends out 3 million catalogs annually. This year’s edition features just over 980 items.

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