The Perfect Bachelorette/Bachelor Date in Frankenmuth

When it comes to reality TV, nothing gets me more excited than watching the seasons of “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” on ABC. Being a part of Bachelor Nation, I started wondering what a date night would look like if they traveled to our little town of Frankenmuth? Well, keep reading because you’re about to find out what a perfect one-on-one Bachelorette/Bachelor date in Frankenmuth could be!


The majority of Bachelorette/Bachelor dates start with some sort of fun and unique activity to help learn more about each other’s personalities. One of the best things you can do in Frankenmuth to help get over your own fears plus the fear of heights is the Frankenmuth Aerial Park.

Photo Credit: Frankenmuth Aerial Park

This aerial park, set in the middle of a woods, is filled with different climbing obstacles and zip lines for all levels of expertise. Whether this is your first time doing an obstacle course or your 50th, there are six different courses giving everyone a chance to learn something new. This park is a great date idea to really get to know someone and to build one of the most important things you can in a new relationship . . . TRUST.


I’m sure after falling and catching one another through an obstacle course, it’s time to slow things down and enjoy a romantic dinner filled with conversation. A visit to Prost! Wine Bar and Charcuterie will help set the mood!

Photo Credit: Prost! Wine Bar & Charcuterie

Prost!, located on Main Street in downtown Frankenmuth, is a great location for an intimate discussion or, dare we say, a great spot to say “I love you.” Enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, and nibble on some delicious board meats and cheeses from Spain or Italy. The atmosphere in this wine bar makes it one of the best spots in Frankenmuth for a Bachelorette/Bachelor date. Time to cozy up and open up!


Let’s end this perfect Bachelorette/Bachelor date in Frankenmuth with a horse-drawn carriage ride through town. Enjoy the glistening lights of the shops and each other’s company. Frankenmuth is fortunate enough to have two great carriage-ride destinations that you can choose from and both will give you a ride you won’t forget.

Photo Credit: (Top) Frankenmuth Carriage Company LLC (Bottom) Fantasy Carriage Compnay, Inc.

Snuggle up close and enjoy the 20-minute carriage ride around town. Let the cool summer/fall breeze set this scene up perfectly for a goodnight kiss. 😘 Want one last memory for the books? Snag a picture of you two on Christmas Lane at Bronner’s … let the wedding bells begin 💍😂 …

Photo Credit: @laurendeyoconnell

We might not have Chris Harrison here to help end the night, but we can ask this one little question. Will you accept this final rose?

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