How to Decorate All Winter with a Snowflake Theme

Michigan has the pleasure of experiencing four pretty distinct seasons throughout the year … five if you count construction. 😂 So it only seems natural that dreaming of a white Christmas is not that unusual for us Michiganders! And while the snow doesn’t always hang around, we’re sharing ideas on how to decorate all winter with a snowflake theme!

The Beauty Of A Snowfall

Winter in our grand state has so many wonders – from farm fields blanketed in fresh- fallen snow to frosted trees that glisten with the most magical appeal.

Snowy Landscape Photography With Frost Covered Trees In Winter

The beauty and vibrancy of a fresh snowfall is such a beautiful sight to behold – though I prefer to behold it from within the warmth of my home! When I do step outdoors, I am always in awe to see that my yard, which seems so quiet, is actually bustling with all sorts of critters “dashing through the snow.”

Animal Tracks In Snow

But sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas … or maybe you live in a place that doesn’t see snow? Even if the weather outside isn’t “frightful,” here are some fun solutions to make your home delightful! (🎵Are you singing along yet?🎵)

Decorating With A Snowflake Theme

Crafted from durable PVC material that is coated in iridescent glitter and shimmers like a fresh snowfall, these dimensional snowflakes feature self-adhesive stickers to easily attach to walls, mirrors and more!

  • Hang them from foraged pine branches. Or alternatively, choose long-lasting, artificial picks and suspend from fishing line.
  • Cluster the snowflakes together to create a beautiful table runner.
Paper Snowflake Decorations 1194279
Snowflake Decorations (1194279) OUT-OF-STOCK
  • Suspend snowflakes from the ceiling for a magical touch that is sure to capture the imaginations of both young and the young at heart! (Photo source: IHeart Organizing)
  • Hang them, or an assortment of snowflake ornaments, on a door or window.
Door And Ceiling Snowflake Decorations


Capture a snowfall within clear ornaments using faux snow in place of glitter from this DIY tutorial in our ornament series. Display a mixture of these clever “snowballs” with an assortment of your favorite ornaments suspended from a branch as inspired by House Of Valentina. (Photo source: Valentina Fussell.) Or create a minimalistic display with one of our stylish ornament stands.

Snow-Filled Clear Ornament And Hanging Ornaments On Branch Decor
A Christmas Story Ralphie Snowball Fight

Let’s play a game … What’s the first word you think of when I say, “SNOWBALL!”?

You thought of a snowball fight didn’t you? It seems most Christmas movies include some sort of scene with an epic snowball fight! Do you feel robbed of the experience? We have the perfect solution that is sure to indulge both young kids and the child inside every adult! And the best part? You won’t have to bundle up to stay warm or dry! AND … you get a shield so you won’t end up like little Ralphie Parker!

We’re sure you’ll “have a ball!” The indoor snowball fight set is also perfect for celebrating Christmas in July! No snow needed!

Snowballs And Shield Kit, 1193362
Snowball And Shield Kit (1193362) OUT OF STOCK


Shrouded in the most glorious snowfall, we hope you’ll enjoy these pictures of our winter wonderland!

Bronners Christmas Wonderland's Displays In Snow
Bronners Christmas Wonderland In Snow
Bronner's Silent Night Memorial Chapel In Snow
Snowy Trees On Weiss Street In Frankenmuth, Michigan

Whether you’re in a snowy and mountainous region, basking in the sun on sandy beaches, or somewhere in between … we’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite wonder of winter?

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