The Christmas Pickle Game – Dill-lightful!

🎵On the 11th day of Christmas – in July, Bronner’s gave to meeee …. 🎶 The Christmas Pickle Game! This dill-ightful game set includes 6 unique pickle ornaments that, undoubtedly, will make your Christmas (bread and) BUTTER! All things considered, we’re certain this group of gherkins is sure to inspire your next favorite family tradition!

The Christmas Pickle Game
Featured: The Christmas Pickle Game (1211409)

The Christmas Pickle Game

“SIX special PICKLES, not ONE is the same, should be hidden in the TREE for a FUN Christmas game!

Is it BIG, is it LITTLE? Does it SAY Number 1? Your family must DECIDE HOW this game is won.

For the GOAL of this game is to CREATE a FUN way to CHOOSE who should OPEN the first GIFT Christmas Day!”

The Christmas Pickle Game
Featured: The Christmas Pickle Game (1211409)

How To Play The Christmas Pickle Game

The Christmas Pickle Game

FIRSTON CHRISTMAS EVE: To begin, Santa hangs the six pickles in the tree!

SECONDFIND THE PICKLES: Next, everyone searches until all six of the Christmas Pickles are found!

THIRDTIME FOR PRESENTS: Then everyone randomly chooses a number from 1 to 6. Roll a dice or draw numbers from a hat! Whoever is holding a pickle with the matching number gets to open a present!

FINALLY – The group continues until every pickle has been chosen!

BE CREATIVE: As a matter of fact, you can invent new ways to play year after year!

For instance, why not consider hiding these six pickle ornaments at your next office Christmas party? (Who says they have to be in a tree?) Accordingly, you can tag each of six prizes with a number 1 through 6, and award each prize to your coworker who finds the coordinating pickle ornament. Certainly a fun alternative to a door prize or raffle!

For certain, these numbered pickles, called in chronological order, are also a great way to determine the succession for picking white elephant gifts at your next gift swap!

The Christmas Pickle Game
Featured: The Christmas Pickle Game (1211409)
Pickle Ornament Hanging In The Tree
Christmas Pickle Game Ornament

Tradition Of The Pickle

From Bronner’s Ornament Legends, Symbols &Traditions book:

“According to German tradition, the pickle brings good luck. After all the other ornaments are hung on the tree, the pickle ornament is hidden somewhere within the branches. On Christmas morning, the first child to find the gherkin gets rewarded with an additional small present left by St. Nicholas. The pickle tradition encourages youngsters to enjoy the many ornaments on the tree before checking to see what St. Nick has brought them.”

Tradition Of The Pickle Ornaments
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