Retro Yarn Snowmen DIY Home Accents

Simple and fun, these retro yarn snowmen are sure to feel magical as they come to life with whatever personal-ity your personal touches give them!

Retro Yarn Snowman DIY Craft

How To Make Retro Yarn Snowmen Home Accents

Supplies needed of course will largely depend on whatever look you are going for. But the basics include:

  • STYROFOAM™ BALLS. In varying sizes.
  • Your favorite YARN. We’re using a chunky, acrylic yarn. Alternatively, we’re also sharing a version made with #10 cotton crochet thread.
  • GOOD SCISSORS, emphasis on the “good” … As you’ll see why in our video tutorial 😆
  • HOT GLUE and extra GLUE STICKS.
  • ACCESSORIES to bring your snowman to life.
Retro Yarn Snowman Craft supplies

We’ll share ideas for accessorizing your snowmen just below the retro yarn snowmen tutorial.

A Few Crafty Tips To Consider Before You Get Started …

To begin with, we should point out that sometimes you pick up tips along the way as you go … after you’ve already started something. 😂

For this reason, it should be noted that trimming at least the bottom tip of your base Styrofoam™ ball is recommended so that it can stand flush; unless you plan to prop it up in something. (Which is still, yet another, stylish idea in the end.😉)

Styrofoam Balls With Cut Ends

In the photo above, we’ve trimmed the base Styrofoam™ ball at both ends. As a result, with the “head” also trimmed on one end, our third, retro yarn snowman features a slightly different body-shape variation.

Certainly, these are just ideas to get you started! You can choose to change up your wrapping technique for example. Add more “snowballs” … or play with the shapes even more.

DIY Retro Yarn Snowman Yarn Wrapped Around Styrofoam Balls

DIY Retro Yarn Snowmen Video Tutorial

It’s All In How You Accessorize!

Of course, the magic of these adorable, retro yarn snowmen comes when you accessorize. Not to mention that you can tailor them to fit just about any type of home decor!

As can be seen, we opted to accessorize two of our retro yarn snowmen with googly eyes and red button noses. (As a result, they are basically as a cute-as-a-button! Don’t you agree?!)

Additionally, carrying over certain details or materials from snowman to snowman also helps to pair them together aesthetically in a collection, while still allowing them to remain unique … just like the snowflakes that make them IRL!

Additional Accessory Ideas

Keeping in-line with the natural element of yarn, we added tiny TWIG ARMS to a few of our magical snowmen! Likewise, you could consider natural wood buttons, etc.

If you are a knitting, crochet or sewing enthusiast, you may wish to create your own winter accessories. In the same fashion, this is a great way to create cohesion in your collection of retro yarn snowmen! Some ideas include:

  • HAT

For those who are not into all that … there are still some magical, no-sew (or knit or stitch😜) options for you, too!

  • PAPER TOP HAT. You can find the tutorial for ours in our DIY Famous Christmas Character Ornaments post. (You’ll also find our CORN COB PIPE-cleaner tutorial there.)
  • EAR MUFFS. Would you believe these are no-sew?! We show you how just below.
  • FELT SCARF. Simply cut a strip of felt and fringe the ends.

How To Make Earmuffs For Your Retro Yarn Snowman

Our googly eyes happened to be just the right size! Additionally, they offer a flush, flat base which makes them ideal for gluing to your snowman.

First we braided a short string. (Size will obviously depend on your needs.) Next, we glued one end to the center, and then continued to glue and wrap the braid in a spiral pattern until we completely covered the googly eye.

Google Eye And Yarn Creates Earmuffs

Last, glue an earmuff headband to your snowman, (we used a gold metallic pipe cleaner) before gluing the makeshift earmuffs over the ends.

And Voilà! Your magical, retro yarn snowmen are here to stay!

Retro Yarn Snowman DIY Craft

It’s SNOW Nice To Meet You!

What names would you pick for each of our 3 snowmen? Let us know in the comments below!

Additionally, we hope if you follow this tutorial that you’ll share your fun creations with us, too! Share by tagging @BronnersChristmas on Facebook and Instagram, or @BronnersXmas on the social platform, X.

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  • April 1, 2024 at 11:17 am

    very nice craft idea I am going o make thee this christmas Thank you

    • April 1, 2024 at 12:01 pm

      We’re ‘SNOW’ glad to hear that, John! Thank you for being a part of our community of Christmas enthusiasts.


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