Puffed Corn Candy Recipe

“Snow . . . I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow . . . Snow . . . to see a great big man entirely made of snow. Where it’s snowing all winter through, that’s where I want to be snowball throwing . . . that’s what I’ll do.” – Snow, a song from White Christmas

In various parts of the world, winter is synonymous with SNOW!  For many, snow means building snowmen, snowball fights, long drives home from work (okay not so much fun!) and of course Christmas! But don’t worry, if you happen to be in a region that doesn’t see snow, you can still join in on the fun with our snowman wreath, our snowball fun-fight set and a delicious treat recipe!


Snowman Wreath And Christmas Home Decorating Ideas With Snowmen And Cardinals

To create this charming snowman wreath, we just redecorated our Bunny Wreath from earlier this year! (See our Bunny Wreath post from March for assembly instructions.)

Our 4″ silver, shatterproof ornaments are cute as a button and retail for only $3.99 each. Our set of 24 white and iridescent snowflakes add a frosty, cool charm and two tiny cardinals clip right on to twig arms for a bright pop of color that adds chipper appeal!

The snowman hat was crafted from a carved block of floral foam and foam board, spray painted and glittered, then embellished with a tiny bow. A giant ribbon bow with long tails makes the perfect scarf. (Need a bow? Learn how to make a bow from Bronner’s decorators.)


Stay warm and dry plus have fun dodging giant, white puffs of “snow” with our Snowball Fun fight game! The game includes 6 “snowballs” and 2 inflatable shields, the fun is here to stay long after the snow melts away!

Or … rather than deflecting and dodging snowballs … take the aim and catch them in your mouth when the amo is this delicious ode to snow! Our puffed corn candy looks like miniature snowballs and is covered in colorful confetti sprinkles! We say, aim away!

Puffed Corn Candy With Sprinkles


Puffed Corn Candy With Sprinkles Recipe


– 1 bag buttered, puffed corn
– 1 pkg. vanilla-flavored Candiquik®
– Sprinkles
– Wax paper

1. Put the puffed corn in a large bowl (make sure the bowl has some extra room, you will need it when you have to stir) and also place a large sheet of wax paper on a hard surface.
2. Melt the Candiquik® according to package directions.
3. Pour Candiquik® over buttered, puff corn and gently mix.
4. Pour mixture from bowl onto the wax paper, spread out the pieces so there aren’t any clumps (although from experience those sometimes are the best pieces to eat!)
5. Quickly coat with sprinkles because the Candiquik® will cool fast.

*Best eaten right away. If you happen to have left-overs, store in an air-tight container to keep crispness.

*submitted by Erin Kuch

Our puffed corn candy is a hit on treat days in the office; which got us to thinking what a great gift it makes paired with our adorable Snowman Face Mug for that Secret-Santa office gift exchange!* (See recipe note above.) Or fill it with goodies for hot cocoa! The inner rim of this mug features the sweet sentiment “You make me melt” in a black hand-lettering, script.

Snowman Coffee Mug
Featured: 24 oz. Snowman Face Ceramic Coffee Mug (1197595) $11.99


Speaking of hot cocoa, what better way to warm yourself during winter’s chilly days than with a delicious, hot chocolate?! I mean, c’mon … chocolate! Who needs more motivation than that?! But just in case you do, Bronner’s has the perfect items for stocking up your very own hot cocoa bar that are sure to make you merry!

Hot Cocoa Bar With Snowman Theme
Our HOT COCOA BAR Features: 24 Inch Mixed Pine Deep Woods Wreath (1196518) $35.99, Time To Shine Snowpinion (1192179) $20.00, Ceramic Stacking Snowman Mug set Of 4 (1197592) $32.99, Snowman Face Plate (1197615) $6.99, 10 Ft. Red Deluxe Deco Garland (1180016) $6.99, Clip On Cardinal Ornaments, 36 Ft. Twinkling Rice LED Lights (1199723) $34.99.

(Everyone has a “Snowpinion” on these guys, do you?!)

Catch more fun items before they melt away!

Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Featured Left: Lighted Water Globe Tree (1190333) $36.99, Sugar Pine Monterey Spray (1196515) $41.99,Red Snowflake Knit Stocking (1185822) $19.99, Cardinal Clip On Ornaments,36 Ft. Twinkling Rice LED Lights (1199723) $34.99. Featured Top Right: Snowman Kitchen Towel (1170425) $7.99. Feature Right Bottom: Glitter Snowflake PVC Décor Set Of 10 (1194279) $9.99

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