Pet Rescue: Penny’s Story

Shannon seated in the fishing boat holding Penny on the Cass River with a wooden bridge in the background
as told by Shannon Hegenauer, Bronner’s product development coordinator

Our First Pet Rescue

Penny’s story really begins with the story of our first pet rescue. Since I grew up having dogs, I was anxious to get our first dog after my husband and I were married in early 2019. We finally adopted our first rescue dog in July 2019.

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When we met Walleye, a nine-year-old Chiweenie (Chihuahua/dachshund mix), he had just been neutered and had four staples in his head from a recent surgery. In addition, he had a bobbed tail and was completely toothless, causing his tongue to hang out. I instantly fell in love with him and the feeling was mutual.

Shannon and Hegi standing in a store holding their pet rescue Walleye and smiling
Walleye, Shannon and her husband Hegi
Pet rescue Walleye outside on a sunny day wearing a green knit hood with his tongue sticking out
Walleye, Shannon and Hegi’s first pet rescue

During the drive home, Walleye stood up on my lap, tenderly placed his front paws on my chest and stared into my eyes. My heart exploded – it was like he knew he was safe and that he was finally going home. That moment changed us forever.

Walleye went everywhere with us: family gatherings, car rides, walks, up north, tractor rides and field scouting. Unfortunately, our time together didn’t last long. After only four short months, Wally was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. As a result, we had to make that awful decision. We were beyond heartbroken. But when the time was right to start looking for another dog, there was no question we were going to pet rescue.

Penny’s Pet Rescue

After spending hours on, emails, phone calls and Zoom meetings, we were approved for a meet and greet with a little one-eyed mutt named Peanut Butter. Once again, it was love at first sight! We renamed our new pup Penny. To no one’s surprise, she barreled into her new home and quickly took over our lives!

Pet rescue Penny sitting with her blanket on the car seat
Penny comes to live at our house!

Penny’s Pet Rescue Smile

In fact, we adopted Penny the week the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine started in Michigan. Consequently, I was able to live out my lifelong dream of being a stay-at-home dog mom! Penny is simply the happiest, most playful little girl! Of course, that’s what initially drew me to her profile. When I first saw her photos I laughed out loud – she was smiling! A true smile! And she hasn’t stopped smiling! (Neither have we!) Her permanent happy disposition is contagious. Hence, everyone who sees her instantly smiles, too.

Shannon's husband Hegi in the fishing boat on the river with smiling Penny
Smiling Penny loves outings on the river.

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Penny Loves Everything

So far there doesn’t seem to be anything that doesn’t make Penny happy. She LOVES going for walks and car rides, fishing on the boat and playing with her dachshund “cousin” Otto. To be sure, she loves to chase birds and bugs and splash in water puddles. Undoubtedly, Penny’s absolutely favorite thing in the world is going for a ride to see her “Grampie” and “Grammie.” You see, the real spoiling happens at their house! All the belly rubs, treats, toys and cuddles she can take!

We’re sure Penny MUST be on Santa’s nice list and will find plenty of treats in a personalized stocking from Bronner’s this Christmas!

In truth, as much love as she receives, she returns it all tenfold. We are so lucky, fortunate and thankful to be her humans. Although I am a firm believer that the love of ANY dog is special, there is something unique about the love of a pet rescue.

Penny and her "cousin" Otto standing on a picnic table on a sunny day with a field behind them
Penny loves playing with her “cousin” Otto.

We think Penny will love our recipe for homemade dog treats. Treat time! Correspondingly, how about a little puppy chow for the humans, too?!

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