Patriotic Flag DIY & Coloring Pages

red, white and blue patriotic flag DIY
patriotic flag DIY hanging on the wall behind a big black velvet chair with a red throw

Our patriotic flag DIY & coloring pages by Hayley will have you cheering for the red, white and blue all year long! Stars and stripes forever! After all, patriotic decor can serve as a tribute to the values, history and spirit of our country. And just one glance at your patriotic ribbon flag will inspire you to pray for our nation, too.

Patriotic Flag DIY

red, white and blue patriotic flag DIY hanging on a white wall

So let’s get started. Just think, you’re creating a one-of-a-kind piece with ribbon selections of your choice! You will determine the ratio of the parts of your flag to each other as you work.

Supplies & Tools

  • branch or dowel (22 inches long)
  • 4 or 5 styles of red/white/blue ribbon in varying widths cut into 30-inch strips – You should feel free to pull in an accent color of your choosing – I chose silver! However, if you wish a traditional look of alternating red and white stripes, choose red and white ribbons only.
rolls of ribbon, white stars and blue craft felt on a table
  • navy blue felt (10 1/2 inches by 8 inches)
  • white stars – In brief, the number is up to you. By all means, choose wood, metal or another star material that will add dimension to your flag.
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • hot glue gun


  • If you haven’t done so already, begin by cutting your ribbon into 30-inch strips. In this instance, I needed eight strips of each of my wide ribbons and nine strips of each of my narrow ribbons.
strips of ribbon bunched together
  • Slightly overlap the long edges of your two wide ribbons. Now wrap the short ends about 1 1/2 inches over the end of the dowel and staple snuggly. Repeat this process with three narrow ribbons. Alternate attaching ribbon sets (wide, narrow, wide, narrow, etc.) until you’ve finished affixing the ribbons.
wide ribbon strips folded and stapled over a dowel for patriotic flag SIY and coloring pages
stapling narrow ribbon set on dowel for patriotic flag DIY and coloring pages
three sets of ribbons stapled on the dowel
  • Next, glue the white stars onto the navy blue felt. Since this is a whimsical, decorative piece, not a reproduction, you can use as many stars as you like. Perhaps you’ll want to try a circular pattern as found in the Betsy Ross flag.
  • Now glue the navy blue felt onto the top left corner of the flag. (When hung vertically, the U.S. flag’s blue field should always appear in the top left corner.)
  • Finally, cut a length of twine or ribbon to tie on both ends of the branch/dowel and hang your flag!

Accents to Accompany Your Patriotic Flag DIY

Without a doubt, you’ll want to accent your patriotic flag with Bronner’s home decor!

Patriotic Flag DIY & Coloring Pages by Hayley Combo

hot dog & patriotic dog coloring page
patriotic popsicle art coloring page
patriotic campsite coloring page

On one hand, you might like to let the kids help you with your patriotic flag DIY. On the other hand, you might like to keep that project to yourself. If so, keep the kids busy with our patriotic coloring pages by Hayley. Hayley is the daughter of one of our team supervisors. Indeed, we’ve been pleased to previously share her coloring designs not once but twice on our blog. By all means, download all three of Hayley’s new designs here!

The Perfect Patriotic Party Appetizer

JalapeñoPopper With Bacon Plated Appetizer

In addition, you’ll find our bacon cheddar jalapeno poppers the perfect appetizer for any patriotic celebration. I’m of the opinion you can never go wrong with bacon, to be sure!

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