Parsley Potatoes and Shamrock DIY

Parsley potatoes in a casserole dish flanked by a plate, gold flatware, white plates, and salt and pepper shakers.

Our parsley potatoes and shamrock DIY will have you dancing a jig this St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s a twist on the traditional recipe and green shamrock craft.

Food First with Parsley Potatoes and Shamrock DIY

Parsley Potatoes Recipe

No doubt when you think of parsley potatoes, you picture quartered, boiled potatoes bathed in butter and trimmed with chopped, fresh parsley. But our parsley potatoes are birds of a different feather. Yes, to this end, we boil them. Then we peel and dice them. After that, we stir in melted butter, half-and-half, fresh parsley and seasoning salt. Finally, they bake to a perfect consistency that is delicious any time of the year!

Serving Parsley Potatoes In Bakeware
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Parsley Potatoes Hot Dish

Parsley Potatoes

Nancy Frank


  • 4 lbs potatoes cooked, cooled & then diced
  • 3/4 cup butter melted
  • 1/2 cup half-and-half
  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley chopped
  • 2 tbsp onions or add more as desired
  • 1 tbsp seasoning salt
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper


  • To begin with, cook potatoes, with skins on until tender. Drain and allow to cool completely. Then dice potatoes and place in a baking dish.
  • Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350° F
  • Next, combine the melted butter, half-and-half, onions and seasonings and pour over the potatoes. Gently mix until covered.
  • Last of all, bake at least 1 hour, stirring every 20 minutes. Add more half-and-half as needed to keep the potatoes nice and moist.


The salt content in this recipe is very high. For that reason, you may wish to decrease the salt to 1 teaspoon or use only the 1 tablespoon of seasoning salt if you are watching your sodium intake.
Bronner's Flavorful Favorites 2nd Edition Cookbook
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At Our Table Round Bakeware featured in parsley potatoes and shamrock DIY
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Craft Time Next with Parsley Potatoes and Shamrock DIY

Shamrock DIY

Along with our parsley potatoes recipe, we’re bringing you an easy and versatile shamrock DIY. You can make as few or as many as you like and whatever size you like. With this in mind, I decided to make a large shamrock that can hang on a wall or from the ceiling. Or it can nestle in Christmas tree transformed to a St. Patrick’s Day tree. And just for fun, you can use it for a photo prop, too.

shamrock DIY used as a photo prop

Materials & Tools for Your Shamrock Craft

  • cardboard or foamcore board (I used cardboard since it’s so readily available here. If you are going to be handling your shamrocks frequently, I recommend you use foamcore board since it is sturdier.)
  • mat knife
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • hard plastic mat to protect your work surface
  • extra-large sheet(s) of paper (If you don’t have a large paper pad like those used with children’s art easels, etc., you can use some inexpensive gift wrap.)
  • gold tinsel garland (I used two of these 15-foot garlands.)
  • roll of wide, clear packing tape

Instructions for Making Your Shamrock Craft

  1. Begin by folding the paper in half and cutting a half heart the size you wish (freehand).
  2. Next, leaving an outer rim the width you wish to wrap your garland around, cut a half heart from inside your original heart.
  3. Third, open the paper heart frame and lay it on a piece of cardboard or foamcore board. Given that, trace the inner and outer lines of the heart onto the board with a black marker. Don’t worry about your lines being perfectly neat and even. In truth, the edges of the board won’t be showing. Now repeat this 2 more times so you end up with 3 hearts for the leaves of the shamrock. Freehand a stem for the shamrock on the board.
  4. Fourth, using a mat knife on a protected surface, press firmly along each black line to cut out each heart and the stem. At this point, you may have to repeat your cutting line once or twice to cut completely through the board.
  5. Fifth, choose one heart to be the central leaf of your shamrock. At this time, overlap the edge of each of the other hearts to either side and tape the entire 4 to 5 inches that overlap with clear, wide packing tape. To finish building your shamrock, tape the stem to the center where the leaves meet.
  6. Last of all, wrap the garland around the shamrock frame, stapling the garland at the beginning and end and wherever you need to better secure the garland.
use a mat knife to cut your shamrock DIY along the lines on a protected surface
overlap and tape the hearts to make the leaf segments on your shamrock DIY
cardboard frame assembled for shamrock DIY
shamrock DIY nestled in a St. Patrick's Day tree

Repurpose Your Shamrock DIY

What’s more, your shamrock can be disassembled and the hearts rewrapped in gold or red garland or another garland of your choice for Valentine’s Day.

Without a doubt, we love this idea of creating special-occasion decorations using homemade shapes, numerals and letters wrapped in tinsel garland. See our ideas to help you party with tinsel! To say nothing of using garland as the foundation of a great ugly Christmas sweater and tie!

And End On A Sweet Note

Without a doubt, you’re sure to feel like you hit the jackpot with this spectacular St. Patrick’s Day twist on Bronner’s Flavorful Favorites Nabino Bars recipe! Much like the popular Nanaimo Bars, this 3-layered treat is full of more flavor than a pot of gold.

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