Ornaments Turned One-Of-A-Kind Keepsakes For A Lifetime!

There are three levels of Christmas ornaments – if you’ll indulge us a moment. OK, so there’s the ornament, beautiful (or fun) just-as-it-is. Then there is the next level – when Bronner’s hand-lettering artists turn a special ornament into a “Gift With PERSONAL-ity™” with a touch of personalization. And then there’s yet another level – when YOUR personal touch transforms an ordinary ornament into a one-of-a-kind keepsake to treasure for a lifetime! … Don’t worry, we’re not testing your penmanship skills – though it may be well suited for you!😉 Check out our ideas on ways to transform special ornaments into one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Undoubtedly, they will make the perfect gift for special occasions, memorials or just because (because there need not always be a “reason” to show your love!)

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Paper Curls Make A ONE-OF-A-KIND Keepsake To Love!


You’ve put so much time and thought in to your big day! The colors, the details and even the invitations to the people you have chosen to celebrate this joyous occasion with. Consider saving yourself a copy or two of the “Save The Date,” wedding invitation, RSVP and details cards to create a set of ornaments that are a lovely reminder of the day you say “I Do!”

This LOVE-ly keepsake was inspired by our DIY paper curls ornament. To create your own, simply cut strips from notable parts of the wedding invites, save-the-date and details cards. Consider even using some guest’s RSVP – the handwriting makes a sweet, sentimental touch. Then curl the strips as you would ribbon to fit inside the neck. We found using a pen or highlighter to be perfect for curling cardstock since it is not as pliable for curling as regular paper.

Wedding Invitation Keepsake Ornament

Consider displaying your wedding keepsake ornament on one of our ornament stands to enjoy year-round! In truth, you can take it a step further by decorating the ornament stand with dried flowers from your bridal bouquet! (It’s best to work with them while they are fresh.) Find that tutorial, and more dried flower decorating ideas in this post.

In addition to paper curls, small dried flowers or a saved scrap of fabric from your wedding dress alterations can be neatly preserved within an ornament. Bronner’s exclusive wedding vows ornament will make a lovely family heirloom to “have and to hold”!

Will You Marry Me?

Over the years, many couples have become engaged at Bronner’s. Some have chosen a personalized ornament to “pop the question” while others have celebrated and announced the “big news” with a commemorative engagement keepsake.

One thing is for sure, no two stories are alike! But since this post is about how to make a truly “one-of-a-kind keepsake,” here’s what we propose: choose a unique jewel box ornament to hold the engagement ring. Alternatively, place a handwritten note popping the question inside – giving you time to pull out that ring and drop to a knee😉

Engagement Ornaments At Bronner's
Featured: Silver Jewel Box Ornament (1196230) out-of-stock; Gold Sparkle Ornament (1006) 📷Instagram Photo Credit: @nlocke27

It’s such an exciting time in life when one chapter ends and a new one begins. Speaking of which …


Consider creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake for the bookworm on your list! Photocopy or write out favorite quotes to fill the ornament with and gift along with a collector’s edition and bookmark!

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ONE-OF-A-KIND Keepsakes For Baby!

Keepsakes for Baby’s First Christmas are always special for the new parents. And, as a matter of fact, to that special “bundle of joy” as they are able to look back decades later! Bronner’s exclusive design is sure to leave an impression:


Turn these treasured keepsakes into tiny time-capsules by saving baby’s birth bracelet. Alternatively, you can make a copy of the footprints from those perfect, tiny toes onto a 2½” round piece of cardstock. Consider adding a hand-written message, too. We suggest following part of our DIY Victorian Cherub In The Clouds Ornament tutorial for the best way to display these inside the ornament. (We’ve linked you straight to that part in our YouTube video tutorial, here.)

Baby's Keepsakes
Featured: Littlest Feet Biggest Footprint (1261021); Be Brave Lion Blanket Plush (1270853)

Dried Flowers For a ONE-OF-A-KIND Memorial

Jewel box ornament with dried flowers from funeral arrangement flowers.
Silver Jewel Box Ornament (1196230) Out-Of-Stock

Jewel box or clear ornaments are also a great way to preserve flowers from big occasions like a wedding or memorial. Check out our Dried Flower Ornaments for tips from floral expert Tracie Kuck of Cass Street Décor.

Incredible Ideas

Do you have incredible ideas for how to transform ordinary ornaments into extraordinary, one-of-a-kind keepsakes? Please share your ideas with our community of Christmas enthusiasts in the comments below👇.

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