Bronner’s Ornaments for Life’s Memorable Moments

Big (and little!) moments in life deserved to be celebrated! 🎉 Let us help you make these moments memorable by using something we know a thing or two about . . . ORNAMENTS! Looking to make a big announcement to family and friends? Or want to ask someone you LOVE a big question? We know exactly how to do that PLUS make it a memory that will last forever.


Okay, let’s ditch the hand-made signs and come up with something that has a little more pizzazz for asking someone to prom! Give them a personalized gift that can be cherished forever and one that can be shown off to their friends!

Featured: Personalized Tiara 3-Tone Glitter Ornament | Personalized Plain Pink Design Ornament


Why not propose to that special someone with a personalized ornament that can remain a keepsake (and lasting memory) on your Christmas tree forever.

Will you marry me personalized ornaments
Featured: Personalized Plain Red Design Ornament | I Love You Languages Glass Sparkle Ornament |📷 Photo Credit: (Top Left) @Sepilch , (Bottom Right) @muhlosh

Or try using one of our ornaments to hold the engagement ring as you pop the question!

Featured: Silver Jewel Box Glass And Metal Ornament

Celebrate an engagement or give a bride-to-be the perfect gift at her shower with one of our many wedding ornaments.

Wedding Ornaments
Featured: Always and Forever | Personalized Soon To Be Mrs. Pearl White Glass Ornament | Hearts Gifts Engaged Ornament (Item #1184298 – Can be Personalized) | Going To The Chapel 3 Tone Glass Ornament


What’s becoming more popular throughout the last couple of years is the GRAND gestures of being asked to be a bridesmaid! There are a lot of very exciting ideas on Pinterest but we also came up with two pretty clever ideas ourselves!

~ I DONUT want to say “I DO” without you! ~

Who doesn’t love a good DONUT! Ask your ladies to be a part of your bride tribe with our pink sprinkled donut ornament and some fun accessories! PLUS you can print out the Donut I Do card at home for FREE!

Featured: Exclusive Pink Frosted Sprinkle Donut Glass Ornament

~ Festive “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” Box ~

Feeling the Christmas Spirit? Spread the cheer with your best friends on your special day with this red and green friendship box filled with all the goodies that a girl could want!

Featured: Friendship Heart Gifts Glass Ornament | Reversible Tree Red and Green Sequins Holiday Clutch (1203-920)| Celebrate Wine Bottle Stopper (1197-626) | Silver and Gold Mini Bell Earrings (1741490018) | For items not online, please contact Customer Service at 800-361-6736


Being pregnant is a glorious thing! Shout the big news by using a personalized ornament painted to say “and baby makes three” or by using a snowman family showcasing a little baby bump!

Featured: Personalized Sparkling Glass Ornament | Personalized We’re Expecting Snowman Couple Ornament | Personalized We’re Expecting Penguin Couple Ornament

Tell a sibling or parent by presenting them one with one of our promoted to grandma, sister, uncle … ornaments.

Featured: Fathers Promoted To Grandpa Glass Ornament | Mothers Promoted To Grandma Glass Ornament | Sisters Promoted To Aunt Glass Ornament | Brothers Promoted To Uncle Glass Ornament


Looking to surprise yourself and family with the reveal of your baby’s gender? Our “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” ornaments are perfect for this unforgettable news!

Featured: It’s a Girl Glass Glitter Ornament | It’s a Boy Glass Glitter Ornament


A new trend hitting 2019 is asking someone you love to be a godparent to your child. We recently created some godparent ornaments that would be a wonderful surprise for a godparent proposal! Personalize them with their names, have them open up the Bronner’s box and that becomes a memory they will never forget!

Featured: Personalized Godmother With Hearts Glass Ornament | Personalized Godfather With Hearts Glass Ornament

Have you used one of our ornaments to celebrate or announce a special time in your life? Let us know in the comments below and share a picture with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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