Old World Christmas’® Ginger Cottage® Ornaments De-LIGHT Fans Of All Ages!

There is something just so magical about Christmas as a child, isn’t there? For many, slowly as we age, that magic seems to fade. Replaced instead by the joys of creating magical experiences for our kids or others to enjoy. But Old World Christmas’® Ginger Cottage® Ornaments designed by artist Glenn Crider is breaking that mold — de-LIGHTing fans of all ages, once again, with a fresh spark of Christmas magic!

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Ginger Cottage® Ornaments – A Secret World Awaits

So just what makes Old World Christmas’® Ginger Cottage® ornaments so special? These illuminating, handcrafted, wooden creations hide a host of secrets to discover within each design.

As a matter of fact, in addition to a scavenger hunt hiding in the details, each Ginger Cottage® ornament is designed to accommodate a Christmas light through the base. Consequently, the interior illuminates to transport you to a secret world within!

The Story Of Ginger Cottages®

The success of Glenn Crider’s Ginger Cottages® truly embodies “the American Dream”. Starting nearly 40 years ago, his is a story of love, difficulty and, ultimately, triumph.

A Labor Of Love

Glenn Crider enjoyed handcrafting wooden, mechanical toys as a hobby for many decades. Taking a cue from patrons, Glenn branched out to include artisan nutcrackers, which proved to be a popular lead. (A story not unlike Bronner’s originator Wally Bronner!)

“Crider says he is one of four nutcracker craftsmen in the United States and “the only guy that will do it from A to Z,” meaning that he does both the artistic and mechanical work involved—designing the figures from their hair color to accessories, cutting and fitting the wooden parts together and painting their eyes and other intricate details.”1

He counted himself lucky to ‘break even’ at the craft shows he visited. Still, he continued to hone his talents, unaware of how his love for woodworking would become his lifeline.  

Overcoming Difficulty

The 2008 recession hit many Americans. And the Criders were certainly no exception. Glenn’s hobby for making circus toys and nutcrackers became the family’s sole income.

These remarkably unique creations brought Glenn notoriety through publications like Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living.  “In 2008, the U.S. Postal Service featured four of his original designs on the first U.S. Christmas Stamps.  Glenn also has his work on display in several Museums around the world, including the Smithsonian Institute.”2

In a show of ingenuity driven by love, Glenn’s offerings continued to expand. In 2010, the first five Ginger Cottages were designed. Of course, since then, many new items have been added to the collection!

In 2019 Glenn sold his successful company to Old World Christmas so he can concentrate on what he loves most — designing new pieces.

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The De-LIGHT-ful Appeal Of Ginger Cottages®

Ginger Cottages Ornaments On Display
Information on all featured products are listed at the end of this post.
  • Ginger Cottage® ornaments explore a host of Christmas themes and more.
  • Each Ginger Cottage® ornament features at least one “gingerman” – but sometimes there are more. Try to find them all!
  • Versatile, these keepsake ornaments can be displayed on the Christmas tree, borrowing a light from your standard Christmas Light Strand or in a decorative vignette on a tabletop, shelf or mantle using a battery-operated LED tealight candle.
  • Traditional Department 56 Villages don’t fit your theme or space? No problem! Enjoy the magic of a Christmas village scene with Ginger Cottages® which are perfect for Scandinavian, country or natural interior decorating styles!

Ginger Cottages® Ornament Display Ideas

Undoubtedly, there is a myriad of ways you can display this enchanting collection of wooden ornaments! Here, we share just a few:

Display Ginger Cottages® On A Shelf

Quickly transform a shelf with your favorite Ginger Cottages® ornaments! While you can certainly use battery-operated tealight candles, a Battery-Operated LED Light String is undoubtedly most convenient. You can enjoy a soft, ambient glow by tucking the lights between beneath soft billowing Dacron. Bottle Brush Sisal Trees make a great filler. In particular, this Bottle Brush Tree Set picks up all the trademark colors of Glenn’s collection adding a cheerful touch that is sure to leave you tickled red & green!

Information on all featured products are listed at the end of this post.
Ginger Cottage Ornaments On Display
Information on all featured products are listed at the end of this post.

Create A Showstopping Christmas Tablescape

Alternatively, consider creating a “snow globe” by repurposing a cake dome for your Christmas tablescape; it’s perfect for displaying your favorite Ginger Cottages® ornament or even some other small figurine. Without a doubt, our etched glass cake dome with wooden base couldn’t be more perfect! The geometric pattern creates a fun forest effect — as though your peering through the trees into a magical part of the North Pole! And the wooden base is in keeping with the natural appeal of the Ginger Cottages® collection.

Information on all featured products are listed at the end of this post.

This effect can be easily achieved with a battery-operated tealight candle, Dacron snow and bottle brush trees. Here, in keeping with popular trends, we use a beautifully, realistic-looking Norfolk artificial branch garland to create a table runner.

Ginger Cottage® Artist Signing Event At Bronner’s

Ginger Cottages® artist, Glenn Crider, has been sharing the magic of his creations with guests to The World’s Largest CHRISTmas Store® for many years!

Undoubtedly, he loves sharing about the hidden intricacies in his collection with our guests.

Want to meet the designer and have your purchases signed? Watch Bronner’s events calendar for artist appearances for your next opportunity.

Bring Home Your Frankenmuth Favorites

In particular, two of Ginger Cottages® designs representing iconic Frankenmuth landmarks make spectacular souvenirs!

Silent Night Chapel And Covered Wood Bridge Ginger Cottages Ornaments
Information on all featured products are listed at the end of this post.

Silent Night Memorial Chapel

The original Silent Night Memorial Chapel stands in Oberndorf, Austria. But in 1992, with the blessing of Oberndorf city officials, construction officially began on Bronner’s replica, which greets guests from the South end of town just after Frankenmuth’s “Wilkommen” arch. Though Bronner’s Silent Night Memorial chapel was built 20% larger to accommodate visitors, it was constructed with as exacting detail as possible.

Consequently, Glenn’s Silent Night Chapel Ginger Cottages® has a treasure trove of hidden secrets celebrating the tranquil memorial that became so near and dear to originator, Wally Bronner’s heart, after discovering it in 1976.

Covered Wood Bridge With Horse-Drawn Carriage

Frankenmuth’s “Holz-Brücke”, known locally as the “Covered Bridge”, stretches 239 feet across the scenic Cass River. “Although the bridge was completed in 1980, its aesthetic has more in common with designs from the 19th century. However, it’s not just the architecture that speaks to the past, it’s also the hard work and craftsmanship that went into replicating how covered bridges were originally built.” As a matter of fact, “in January 1980, a team of oxen was used to pull the completed bridge into place over a span of 12 days at a rate of only three inches per minute.”3

This iconic landmark remains a timeless treasure of “Michigan’s Little Bavaria” and is a popular spot for photos. What’s more, you can even catch a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Holz-Brücke!

Items featured in this post:

Ginger Cottages® Old World Christmas Ornaments:

Bottle Brush Sisal Trees


  • 1216075 — 6′ x 12″ Mixed Pine Garland
  • 1230702 — 48″ Iced Norfolk Pine Garland
  • 1270874 — 9′ Grey Wood Beaded Garland

Christmas Tablescape

Additional Product


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