“Oh Christmas Tree” Christmas Game

🎵Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree🎵 … “I’m getting oh-so DIZZY!” Crepe paper + balloons + stickers = fun for all ages in this simple “Oh Christmas Tree” Christmas game. To celebrate Christmas In July, we’re sharing 12 days of Christmas joy with activities, games and DIY’s your sure to love!

It’s All Fun & Games

Games at Christmas wasn’t something I was super familiar with before getting married. Now I have to say, it’s not that my family is “bah humbugs!” We just hadn’t ever thought of it. So once I experienced my first holiday party filled with an assortment of Christmas games, I knew I had to think of some for our family’s first combined Christmas gathering. And they’ve made for some of the most memorable moments over the years!

Oh Christmas Tree Crepe Paper Game

The nice thing about having Christmas games is that it brings every one together in the room. And there are all types of games that are ideal for groups from large to small. There are minute-to-win-it games, games of strategizing, thinking, and then there’s what I like to call, REINDEER GAMES!🦌 This “Oh Christmas Tree” game is one of those!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree Christmas Game


Oh Christmas Tree Game Supplies
Supplies needed per team.

Materials for this Christmas game are minimal and frugal and can be found in most dollar stores!

Supplies needed, per team:

  • Green crepe paper roll
  • Sheet of stickers
  • Gold balloons


This Christmas game is played in teams of 2.

Each team gets one roll of crepe paper, one balloon, and one sheet of stickers (aka, ornaments).

How To WIN!

The goal is to completely wrap a roll of crepe paper around one team member. “Decorate” your tree with the sticker (ornaments). Then blow up the balloon and hold it up top for your tree’s topper to finish your time.

The team with the best time wins.

What I’ve Discovered –

Thanks to the lawyer in the family, I learned there are loopholes unless you specify them before you begin!😉 Or perhaps that should count as strategizing well?! Specifically, should the stickers each be individually applied or is it OK to use one to attach them all? Can the tree help decorate itself?!🤷‍♀️ I’ll let you decide:

Of course this game can be modified to suit all ages. Additionally, you can certainly take liberties in getting even more creative with it!

👂We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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