Luxe Christmas Ornaments: Private Exhibition Of Fine Art

Why spend a little more on luxe Christmas ornaments? Because when you stop to truly appreciate their skilled craftsmanship, you realize that each ornament is not just simply a bauble for the tree that you display once a year, but a piece of fine art to display on an “evergreen” canvas — becoming your own private exhibition of heirlooms to pass down!

What Does Luxe Mean?

By definition, the noun “luxe” means luxury; elegance; sumptuousness. Additionally, as an adjective, it means luxurious; deluxe.

My Epiphany Moment

It came upon a midnight clear. Okay … not actually, because if we are honest, I was likely already in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head! But I did have an epiphany while putting away my Christmas tree this year, which is the very heart beat and inspiration of this post.

Before I share my moment of clarity, allow me to set the stage … But in order to do so, I must first take you back to two years ago, after adding dried orange slices to the tree for a story on Swedish Christmas Traditions. It was in that moment I decided I just had to redesign my own Christmas tree! This meant making a shift from my modern farmhouse-styled tree, featuring DIY snow-filled ornaments, to instead reflect the Old World style we’d so fallen in love with while at the Henry Ford’s Holiday Nights program. As a result, our tree would also then better match the rest of the décor in our new home.

So with that, a Victorian-ish Christmas tree was in order!

Now I must confess (whether with shame or pride …) that I can be cheap and LOVE a good ‘s-DEAL!’ Why does that matter? Because doing our new tree theme right means spending a little more than I customarily would.

So with this in mind, you’ll better understand the impact of insight I felt as I carefully removed this glass ornament from my tree’s branch …

Featured: Poinsettia Relief Glass Ornament (1270255)

And in that moment — slowly rotating the ornament in my hand — I began to take in all of the intricacies and thinking of the artisans who carefully craft these works of art — fine art — or rather …

Luxe Christmas Ornaments — Fine Works Of He-ART

Glass ornaments are more than just works of art. They are an artist’s work from the heart!

Meet Bronner’s Artist, Shannon L. Hegenauer

How much more dearly this sentiment must run true for Bronner’s ornament artist and new mama, Shannon L. Hegenauer, who took inspiration from her sweet, little babe in creating Bronner’s 2024 annual design!

“This is by far the most personal piece I’ve ever worked on.” Shannon says.

The moment my daughter was born, she instantly became my beautiful little muse. She was the inspiration in creating this special design that expresses the bond and unconditional love of mother and child. She was also the model for baby Jesus.

While working on this piece and reflecting on the miracle of my new, precious baby, I thought of Mary’s incredible experience with the birth of her truly miraculous baby boy.

This design honors Mary and her baby Jesus, and the love between all mothers and their children.”

Bronner's ornament artist Shannon Hegenauer with exclusive 2024 annual design inspired by her daughter.

Additionally to maternal love, Bronner’s 2024 annual design celebrates the love of our Savior for all mankind!

Featured: Bronner’s 2024 Exclusive Annual Ornament (1262705)

The Makers Of Magical Heirlooms

It’s no mystery that the magic behind luxe Christmas ornaments is the makers and artisans who keep this skilled trade and time-honored traditions alive, making truly special, works of he-ART.

As a retailer of Christmas decorations through the decades, Bronner’s has enjoyed a close relationship with, and front row seat to, these merry-makers in action! Consequently, photos from Bronner’s Archives give you a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes (and back-in-time) to the early makers of these magical heirlooms which many of us are still enjoying today!

🎄Meet The Merry Makers🎄

Bronner’s Selection Of Luxe Christmas Ornaments

When you stop to appreciate the beauty of every fold of glass

Every stroke of paint…

Each meticulously placed bead or gem…

Or the selectively sparkling details …

I’m confident you, too, will see these mini masterpieces as the labor of love and work of he-ART that they are. And as a worthy investment in time-honored tradition that they are!

And, undoubtedly, each piece you choose is sure to become a personally meaningful addition you’ll cherish for all-time, as you share it with those you love in creating the merry atmosphere that makes the most magical Christmas memories to last a lifetime!

Influencer’s Inspire Christmas Magic In Luxe Ornament Displays

Undoubtedly, you’re sure to find some new ideas from these incredible influencers of the Christmas community to inspire and enliven your Christmas décor for many years to come!

Undoubtedly, if you’re as much of a Christmas lover as Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland is, then you will likely recognize Leben Riebe’s name without any introduction needed!

Leben’s love for “The Art of Home and Holiday” has been spotlighted in publications like “Entertain & Celebrate,” “Country Living,” “The Glam Pad,” and quite notably, the “HGTV Holiday Home Tour.”

🎥 Video Source: HGTV Handmade

A collection of 1,400 vintage ornaments are displayed on just ONE tree! Yet the Christmas tree is not the only way to showcase your prized ornament collection, Leben shares.

Shared courtesy of Leben Riebe. Find him at @VintageHoliday on Instagram or at

I was stunned when I first discovered Melissa Ashley Home on Instagram! Until then, I’d only ever thought of high-end ornaments like Christopher Radko® as something you might have one or two of, displayed on an ornament stand, or locked safely in a hutch … But after seeing the magic of her trees, it made me want to curl up right beneath her tree’s branches, just like a little child, soaking in every MASTERFUL detail!

Consequently, I was filled with joy when Melissa shared that her family is just as much in “love [with] Christmas and we love Bronner’s!” as I am with her magically luxe (and vintage!) touch!

She continued, “Our trees are Radko®, Bronner’s & Larry Fraga ornaments only!

You might want to put a pillow down because I’m confident you’ll fall as hard in love with Melissa’s luxe Christmas style as I did!

Shared courtesy of Melissa Ashley. Find her on Instagram via @MelissaAshleyHome.

The saying that “less is more” holds true until MORE is more ! Patrick Heonig’s maximalist Christmas display is a wonderland all its own, so we asked him to share…

Certainly the end result is largely dependent upon how you start … I.E. The STYLE of ornaments because “The ornaments are definitely the star of the show” says Patrick Hoenig.

As a result, I asked him what qualities he most looks for in an ornament when he’s on the hunt? Patrick shares,

I love ornaments with intricate designs or patterns that have a lot of detail and will stand out on the tree. I try to not have more than 1 of the same ornament, and love a variety of colors and sizes that gives the tree dimension.

With such an eye for layering luxe Christmas ornaments together, I wanted to know Patrick’s top ornament decorating tips. He continues,

“I hang solid shiny ornaments deep inside the tree so they reflect off the tree lights from within.

I start with the largest ornaments first by randomly hanging them on the tree, since many of the largest ornaments have the greatest amount of detail, and will stand out. Follow this by the next size down, and keep working until you have the smallest ornaments left, which you can use to fill in any small gaps.

My motto when decorating my trees is ‘It’s not done until it’s overdone’. Most of the ornaments on this tree came from Bronner’s. I try to visit every October and always come home with a huge haul.”

You can find Patrick Hoenig on Instagram via @patrickh.83

A pioneer of his time, Harold Lloyd’s historic Christmas tree is like a Hollywood fairytale – only it’s 100% true! This “viral” tree of tinsel-town, displaying a collection of somewhere around 8000 luxe ornaments, is a merry monument and exhibition, that truly transcends all time!

What’s more, Suzanne Lloyd, the [grand]daughter of this Hollywood icon, who celebrated Christmas as big as our originator, Wally Bronner, is willing to share her family’s remarkable story with us; and it promises to be better than any movie Hollywood could ever script! You won’t want to miss it –

Harold Lloyd With Christmas Tree
Photo Source: © Harold Lloyd Entertainment, Inc.

With Merry & Bright Gratitude!

We’d like to thank those in our community of Christmas enthusiasts who have allowed us to graciously share their merry magic: Leben Riebe, Melissa Ashley, Patrick Hoenig and Suzanne Lloyd!

Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland is the “World’s Largest Christmas Store®“, open all-year-long and offers a massive selection of artisanal Christmas ornaments, including AFFORDABLE LUXE OPTIONS, too!

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