DIY Beach Memories Christmas Ornament

Beach_TitleSummer … nothing like lazy, hazy days at the beach. Sunshine; the sound of water lapping the shore; the brush of sand over and all around your feet; the bright colors of sailboats, beach towels, ice cream, beach balls and bathing suits – bright memories you want to recall all winter long. And now you can! Wander the water’s edge in search of tiny shells and polished pebbles, and scoop up a cup of sand before heading home. Here you have the makings of your own beach ornament, a memory-keeper to hang from your Christmas tree when the breeze has turned chill and sunshine is hard to find.

Here are more ideas for bringing a coastal flavor to your Christmas celebration this year …


This fun, beachy display was easy to put together. We used a drink tray that we had lying around and added some sand to the base. We hung the Have a Coastal Christmas ornament with a 6 Inch Brass Curved Ornament Stand and then arranged the rest of the coastal ornaments around it. Feels like you are right back at the beach again!


We LOVE this nautical display and it’s so fun to showcase just one special ornament in a glass dome cover. For this display, we again used a drink tray, added sand and used a 6 Inch Curved Chrome Ornament Stand to hang the Seas & Greeting ornament. We took a rope and tied it around the base of the dome, giving it that extra nautical feel!

Tell us what you think of this fun coastal Christmas theme in the comments below.

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– Bronner’s Blog Team

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