Kid’s DIY Nutcracker Craft

Valentine’s is the season of love … but so is Christmas, really! So we’re combining our love for both with this fun, kid’s DIY Nutcracker craft for Valentine’s. (Actually, regardless of age, any crafty person may have fun with this ‘suite’ craft project — so let’s get crackin‘!)

Why A Nutcracker?

Asking yourself why a nutcracker, of all ideas, for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to explain …

Nutcrackers are quintessentially Christmas — vis-à-vis — Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland. And you undoubtedly already know of our great love for Christmas?! (If not, here are all the ‘nutty’ details!)

Furthermore, nutcrackers are also representative of prince charming … Well, Clara’s Prince Charming at the very least! (From ‘The Nutcracker Suite‘) And who wouldn’t want their very own Prince Charming for Valentine’s Day?!

Additionally, think of all the great nutcracker puns and phrases you can use with this DIY Nutcracker Craft for Valentine’s:

  • I’m ‘Suite’ On You!
  • I Think You’re Pretty ‘Suite’!
  • I’m NUTS About You!
  • You ‘Crack’ Me Up!
  • What’s Crackin’ ‘Suite’ Thang?
  • I’m ‘Crushing’ On You!
  • My ♥ Goes Pa Rum Pa Pa Pum For You

DIY Nutcracker Craft For Valentine’s Day

Though it involves a bit more than just attaching a lollipop and signing your name, our DIY Nutcracker craft really “ranks” Valentine’s at a whole new level! Using a traditional clothespin, our paper nutcracker valentine craft becomes a bit more interactive and is sure to “crack” up those you are “NUTS” about!


The supplies you’ll need are pretty minimal. However you can go all out if you’d like too. It’s totally up to you!

How To Assemble Bronner’s Nutcracker Craft

First, you’ll need to print off Bronner’s FREE coloring page and template*:

DIY Nutcracker Craft Optional Adornments And Decorations

Then … color it of course! Next, you’ll want to cut both pieces out. After doing so, you can choose to add adornments and decorations to your small soldier if you wish. Some ideas include:

  • Glitter Paint
  • Glitter or Craft Paper
  • Feathers
  • Sticker Rhinestone Gems

Finally, comes the time to glue each paper piece to one side of the clothespin. You’ll want to be particularly cautious on this step, taking care not to over-glue in order to maintain your sweet soldier’s ability to move his mouth. (Just like the real thing!)

Glue the face piece to the top side of your clothespin (indicated in white). Next, glue the torso piece to the bottom side of the clothespin (indicated in pink). We’ve created this diagram to help you visualize how to assemble:

DIY Nutcracker Craft Assembly

We opted to use hot glue when attaching the paper to the clothespin to make it a bit more durable.

Message On The Tip Of The Tongue …

Our soldier wears his heart on his sleeve and has a message for you on the tip of his tongue! LITERALLY!

Write or print your favorite sentiment onto a pink strip of paper and then glue the bottom-face side to the interior bottom of your clothespin. Roll the free edge around a marker or small cylinder to help curl the tongue. Kids are sure to have fun with this tongue twisting … or should we say un-twisting to reveal this soldier’s ‘suite’ secret message!

DIY Nutcracker Craft With Valentine's Day Message

Not Just for Valentine’s …

  • While this fun craft is “lovely” for Valentine’s, it’s certainly just as fitting during the Christmas season! Use this DIY Nutcracker Craft as a puppet to bring the Nutcracker story to life!
  • As is, our Nutcracker soldier craft also makes a great kid’s Christmas card idea.
  • Or simply enjoy our template as a Christmas coloring page! Explore even more Christmas-themed coloring pages at

A Nutcracker Tradition

Holding an armful of Nutcrackers At Bronner's

Be sure to check out this lovely story, A Nutcracker Tradition – Oh, How Sweet!, by Brook Spencer.

Add A SWEET Treat For Your ‘SUITE’ Crafting Time

Nabino Bars For Valentines Day In Heart Shape With Dried Strawberries And Chocolate Drizzle

*Bronner’s Free Template Use Terms:

Consider these templates our Christmas present to you – free for your personal and non-profit use only. You may not sell an item made from this pattern or art or modify and redistribute Bronner’s templates or art without express permission.

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