Kids’ Christmas Crafts & Snacks To Make Christmas Merry

We’re rounding up some of our favorite last-minute kids’ Christmas crafts & snacks to help you make merry Christmas memories with the kids! Undoubtedly, you’re sure to “Have Yourself A Merry ‘LITTLES’ Christmas” with these simple snack recipes and creative crafts for the kiddos.

Kid's Christmas Crafts & Snacks
📷 Instagram Photo Credit: @Devoted_Motherhood

1. Reindeer Treat Bags

Whether you opt to make Santa’s reindeer a snack for Christmas Eve or want to include the kiddos in the fun of giving to others — making these reindeer treat bags with the kids are sure to create magical memories you’ll both hold dear for a lifetime!

Reindeer Treat Bags

2. Reindeer Puppy Chow Recipe

Carrots are an easy snack … but so is this reindeer puppy chow recipe! Which, without a doubt, you know you’ll enjoy just as much as “Santa’s reindeer”😜.

Reindeer Chex Mix Puppy Chow

Make It A Dance Party!

Let's do the puppy chow paper bag sugar shake

We’re guessing you’ve heard of “The Mashed Potato” and “The Twist“?! Perhaps even “The Turkey Trot“?

Why not play your favorite Christmas music and have a little dance party with the kids while shaking around the kitchen with this sweet snack mix in a giant paper bag full of powdered sugar and see what your kids call it?!

What’s more, we’d love for you to come back here and let us know in the comments below the name of their dance!

3. 🔎I Spy … A Kid’s Christmas Activity!

Our FREE PRINTABLE is fun for everyone! For the youngest, see if they can find all of the hidden objects. Add a challenge and time the older kids to see who can find all the items the fastest. Additionally, extend the fun in our picture search activity by coloring in the objects.

lady playing I Spy Christmas and looking at Christmas tree through magnifying glass

4. Snow Globe Kids’ Christmas Craft

While this kids’ craft may spawn a quick trip to the dollar store for a few supplies, we think you’ll find it totally worth it! Our DIY Snow Globe makes the perfect handmade kids’ gift to give grandparents and more. Additionally, you can customize each snow globe with a specially chosen photo for each recipient or allow your kiddos to simply draw or color something special!

DIY Snow Globe Kids Craft

5. Kids’ Craft … Under Construction

What to do with all those boxes?! Help the kiddos construct something fun like this Bronner’s “pop up” store shared by the Vasas family!

Bronner's Shipping Box Recycled Into A Wonderland For Kids
📷 Photo Credit: The Vasas Family

Small boxes also present perfect opportunities for your kids to unplug and get crafty! Check out our post on recycling shipping boxes with ideas shared by our wonderful community of Christmas enthusiasts!

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