How to Get Bronner’s Christmas Favorites Catalog

The new 2018/2019 “Bronner’s Christmas Favorites” catalog has been printed and will begin arriving in homes mid-to late-September! A big THANK YOU to the catalog team for all the hard work that has been put into creating this year’s edition.

In mid-August, 2.95 million copies of the colorful catalog were printed. The vast majority will be mailed this fall at varying dates to former catalog customers and prospective catalog buyers. Additional catalogs will continue to be mailed out during the year as they are requested.

Bronner’s Christmas Favorites Catalog printing on the press

The 68-page catalog features a large variety of ornaments, especially those that can be personalized and those that relate to a legend, symbol, or tradition. Nativities, outdoor silhouettes and lighted ornamentals for windows are also featured. All catalog items (nearly 990) are also available on Bronner’s website. The new catalog features about 373 new items (nearly 40 percent more than in recent years) and 453 exclusives. 

Salesroom customers who would like a catalog should complete a request card, available at customer service, either of the checkouts or information booths, and Season’s Eatings snack area. Customers who complete this request card may turn it in to a staff member who will hand them a catalog.

The catalog team shoots three beautiful catalog covers each year. So although every catalog that goes out is just like the others, the variety in covers freshens up the look, focusing on a singular ornament or theme.

Our second cover features the sparkling glass ornament with hand-painted “and baby makes three” celebrates personalized ornaments and all the special occasions in life that can be commemorated with an ornament or two!

Our third cover commemorates the 200th anniversary (this year 2018) of the world’s favorite Christmas carol, “Silent Night,” and celebrates the story of the original Silent Night Memorial Chapel in Oberndorf, Austria, and Bronner’s authorized replica in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The cover features an exclusive Silent Night Memorial Chapel ornament that was created just for Bronner’s.

We recently went live on Facebook to discuss the new catalog with Dietrich Bronner, Bronner’s product development manager. Get a sneak peek at some of Dietrich’s favorite new ornaments!

Sign up to receive our new catalog this Fall! Email is also our primary way of distributing special offers and coupons, so if you like saving money, please join our email list!

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