How To Light A Christmas Tree

Many artificial Christmas trees these days come pre-lit, it’s true. But what happens if those lights burn out and you’re not ready to part with your tree? Or if you prefer a live Christmas tree? We’re showing you how to light the Christmas tree like a pro in this post!

Decorating The Christmas Tree
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Light The Tree Like A Pro

STEP 1| Secure an extension cord (with pipe cleaner) to tree pole (or trunk) to plug in lights (leaving top outlet clear for tree topper. It’s important to note that you do not want to mix LED and Incandescent lighting for safety reasons.

STEP 2| Work from the bottom of the tree up to the top. Start at the back of the tree branch (nearest pole).

STEP 3| Plugging your light string into extension cord, begin snuggly wrapping lights around branch “base” coming towards the front, circling back in a crisscross on the front branch tip. (see red in diagram above.)

STEP 4| From front branch tip, selectively work your way back and onto other branch tips following the same twist and crisscrossing back pattern (see black in diagram above) until you reach the back base of the branch where you started.

STEP 5| From there, bring your cord over to the back of the next branch “base” and repeat, working your way up the tree.

Bronner's tree decorator, Deb, lighting a tree.


Alternatively, to light the Christmas tree, you can simply wrap the light string around each sprig; working your way up and back down (near the main branch) Our decorator shows you how in this quick demonstration:

PRO TIP: Plan light cord breaks with your artificial tree’s sections to make set up even faster next year! This will keep you from having to light your Christmas tree again. Simply unplug each section and pack away until next season!

LED and Incandescent Christmas Lights

Looking for other useful tips, like which Christmas lights are best for you or how many you’ll need to light your tree like a pro? We’ve got even more pro tips waiting for you!


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Bronner's Vintage Christmas Tree
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