Hot Glue Flowers Decorating Hack From Bronner’s

Follow our decorating hack to make easy, hot glue flowers for spring. What a simple and cost-efficient way to add floral accents to decorate foraged branches! Indeed, these are the perfect way to display your favorite collection of clip-on bird ornaments beyond Christmas.

DIY Hot Glue Flower Hack

Hot glue flowers bring life to foraged branches for Spring!


  • Freezer paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Rag
  • Paint
  • Glitter (optional)


First, secure freezer paper to your work surface shiny side up.

Secondly, squeeze a dab of glue to create one petal and allow it to cool completely before creating the next. Rushing this process results in a flat, undefined flower.

dabs of hot glue make flower petals.

Next, repeat step 2 with three small dabs of glue to make a center for your flower. Once cooled, pop your center off the freezer paper and apply to the flower with an additional small dot of glue.

4| RUB
If you plan to paint them, finish your hot glue flowers by rubbing the shine off with a cloth rag.

Rubbing the hot glue with a cloth removes the glossy texture to apply paint.

5| POP
Once cooled, hot glue flowers will pop right off the freezer paper.

Once cooled, the hot glue pops right off the freezer paper.

Lastly, add paint (and glitter while wet, if desired) to finish off your flowers!


Simply drag your hot glue into elongated petals following the tutorial above. Make both one larger variation and one smaller to stack. Paint the petals.

Next, as you create the center drops, sprinkle with gold glitter while hot. Once cooled, stack on top of the smaller Edelweiss flower petals.

DIY Edelweiss mountain flower made from hot glue.


Legend of the Edelweiss glass ornament, exclusive to Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland.
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According to Alpine folklore, suitors proved their love by climbing the high crags of the Alps in search of the edelweiss flower. Tragically, many suitors fell to their death or died of exposure to the weather. The edelweiss is still worn today as a symbol of love, bravery, strength and dedication. Because of its popularity with German and Austrian emperors, edelweiss is called the flower of emperors and kings.

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As flowers bloom and birds sing, you’ll surely be thinking SPRING! This vibrant display from our one of our past email promotions takes inspiration from nature, bringing a bit of the outdoors in. Undoubtedly, Bronner’s clip-on flower ornaments make a great alternative to our hot glue flowers if you’re not a DIYer.

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