Bronner’s Sets a Beautiful Easter Tablescape

As the flowers start to bloom and the snow melts away, we come together with family and friends to share a beautiful and glorious day … Easter! For many, it’s the day that Jesus has Risen (Rejoice! Rejoice!), and for the kids in the world, it’s also the day the Easter Bunny hops into town. Easter is a day of celebration for young and old, so let us help you make it as special as it should be with a fun Easter Tablescape for friends and family to gather ’round.

Easter Tablescape Decor Ideas

Whether for lunch or dinner, WOW your guests with these stunning table decoration ideas to inspire your next Easter tablescape.

Repurposing Items You Have

To begin, first choose a color palette. Here we feature an Easter tablescape of mixed pastels – green, pink and blue colors. Because using a broader palette allows the most flexibility, it’s easy to repurpose items you may already have while adding a few new pieces to pull items together. As a result, your Christmas greens and ornaments can be used for more than Christmas and might just make the perfect place to start!

Creating Your Easter Tablescape Foundation

Here we are using two 32-inch split pine teardrop swags with silver glitter to create the base of our centerpiece by laying them flat, on the table.

Because the teardrop swags bend easily, we are able to customize the look by folding each one in half to give the centerpiece more volume without it over-extending the table.

Artificial Pastel Green Branch Detail With Silver Glitter
Featured: 32″ Artificial Split-Pine Teardrop Swag (1196521) – No Longer Available

Next, we begin to add in our repurposed Christmas ornaments. Consequently, ornament stands make a perfect way to help add height and dimension in your Easter tablescape without overpowering.

We couldn’t forget the reason for the season – Christ is Risen, Alleluia! We wanted to showcase this with one of our favorite Easter ornaments. Our New Creation in Christ ornament illustrates this perfectly and was placed on the table hanging from our 9-inch chrome curved ornament stand.

HOP-py New Additions Complete Your Easter Tablescape Centerpiece

Next, we add in HOP-py new additions to bring everything together!

Our Easter tablescape centerpiece captures the feeling of a spring meadow frolic with the finishing touches of garden figurines, like white bunnies and metal art butterflies that can later be repurposed! (#Winning!)

Easter Tablescape Place Setting Ideas

As a party favor gift to our guests, consider including an ornament that can also serve as a napkin ring holder.

Legend Of The Edelweiss

Covered in folklore, we decided to use an Edelweiss flower ornament.

According to Alpine folklore, legend has it that “suitors proved their love by climbing high crags of the Alps in search of the flower. Tragically, many suitors fell to their death or died of exposure to the weather. The edelweiss is still worn today as a symbol of love, bravery, strength and dedication. Because of its popularity with German and Austrian emperors, edelweiss is called the flower of emperors and kings.”

— Love, bravery, strength and most of all, dedication —

Through His death and resurrection, Christ displayed all four of these qualities, therefore we found this to be the perfect little gift to give to our guests!

From This Cup …

The final touch to this Easter table was our authentic, Egyptian-blown wine glasses by Egyptian Glass Museum. They are simple, elegant and breathtaking when the light shines on them and are sure to blow your guests away!

An Easter Table Set For Celebration!


Easter Tablescape Featured Products

Below is a list of all the items featured in this post’s Easter tablescape.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we are always looking for the most EGG-citing NEW items, some products may no longer be available.

  • 32 Inch Split Pine Teardrop With Silver Glitter (Item#1196521)
  • Silver Ball Pick (Item#1197468)
  • Pink Glass Ornament With Flowers And Leaves (Item #1200273)
  • Wood-look Bunnies (Item#1201304)
  • New Creation In Christ Glass Ornament (Item#1181275)
  • 9 Inch Chrome Curved Ornament Stand (Item#1114055)
  • Edelweiss Flower Glass Ornament (Item#1164891)
  • Speckled Egg Salt and Pepper Shaker (Item#1195043)
  • Egyptian Blown Wine Glass (Item#1200884)
  • Egyptian Blown Martini Glass (Item #1242929)
  • Egyptian Blown Stemless Wine Glass (#1242928)

You can order online or call customer service at 800-361-6731 (some are only available in-store or by calling customer service).

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