How to Display Your Department 56 Village

Every now and then you just have to create a scene!
… and D56 has been helping people do that for DECADES with their extensive collection of village pieces and accessories that have grown from the original six lighted buildings they introduced in 1976. (Anyone remember those first six?) Here’s some ideas on how to display your Department 56!

Guests to Bronner’s showroom often oogle over our intricate sets ranging from the famous “fra-gee-lay” leg lamp in A Christmas Story, to any Who who’s a Who in Whoville from How The Grinch Stole Christmas … lovable Cousin Eddy – need we say more? In addition to D56’s Classic Brands, friends also delight in their more traditional pieces from lines like Christmas In The City, Alpine and New England villages. And lets face it, they have far more than we’ve named here! There’s just so much to love we could almost break out in a sonnet …

We said almost. But a picture is worth a thousand words … so let’s do that instead!A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Department 56 Collection
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Department 56 Village Pieces

D56 Displays At Bronner's Christmas Wonderland In Frankenmuth, Michigan

Department 56 Halloween Display At Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan

With so many clever pieces, we don’t blame you if you find yourself wanting one of everything! But some people just don’t have the space in their home or office to display a village of EPIC proportions. Fret not, you can still enjoy the very best Department 56 has to offer with a scaled down version using a large shadow box and some of your favorite accessories!

Jodi Setting Up D56 Display At Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

Ready to create a scene? Yes?! We were hoping you’d say that!

How To Display Department 56

Here’s an idea to display your Department 56. We created this festive scene below very simply by using a 10-inch square shadow box with about 8 D56 accessories in the Harvest Fields line.Department 56 Fall Display Shadow Box

Whoa! Wait, was that … Sasquatch? How’d he get in there?!

Released in 2016, Department 56’s Sasquatch figure is AWESOME! Did you know that he is hiding in each of our D56 village displays in section 6 in Bronner’s showroom? (Can you spot him?)

Sasquatch Hidden In Department 56 Village At Bronner's Christmas Wonderland In Frankenmuth, Michigan

Can’t make the trip in-store? You can bring the fun home! Much like our Tradition of the Pickle, we think hiding Sasquatch would make a fun game! Friends, family and coworkers are sure to have fun discovering the elusive Big Foot wherever he may have roamed during the holidays and throughout the year!

Department 56 Display Tips

  • Be sure to grab a large shadow box for more flexibility with the pieces you are able to display within.
  • We printed a background image that fit the theme of our accessories a bit larger so that we could also fill in the top, sides and bottom of the shadow box.
  • Don’t be afraid to “think outside the box!” Bring pieces outside your display.
  • Get creative!
  • Change it up! Have fun with the seasons and change out your display!

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Whether you create a shadow-box version or have an awesome village display or a Sasquatch reveal, we’d love for you to let us in on the fun! For a chance to be featured, be sure to share by tagging us @BronnersChristmas on Facebook and Instagram, or @BronnersXmas on Twitter!

Sasquatch Fun With Bronner's Blog Team

Sasquatch In Bronner's Christmas Wonderland's Reception

Sasquatch Hiding In Bronner's Christmas Wonderland In Frankenmuth, Michigan

Sasquatch Hiding In Egyptian Glass At Bronner's

Did you know that Bronner’s also offers a selection of exclusive Department 56 pieces?

Bronners Exclusive, Original D56 Village Pieces

3 thoughts on “How to Display Your Department 56 Village

  • September 20, 2016 at 10:13 am

    If you would give the size of the window box (D56) for Fall decorations, perhaps you would sell many more of the ornaments in that scene you show. Without the box all the items cost well over $100.00 and I for one would have purchased everything if you either had the window box for sale, or a package price or at lease the dimensions of the window box. I am a fan of Bronners.

    • September 20, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      David, thank you for taking time to write. The shadow box Aileen used was 10 inches square and 4 1/4 inches deep. We will pass your suggestion of stocking the window box(es) on to our buyers.

    • October 3, 2016 at 1:51 pm

      Thanks for the feedback, David. I believe I responded on another platform to provide the shadow box dimensions and let you know we would discuss carrying the shadow boxes with our buyers.


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