Frankenmuth’s 9th Annual Easter Celebration


Frankenmuth’s 9th Annual Bavarian Easter Celebration, showcasing brightly colored eggs and egg garland displays throughout town, will run through Sunday, April 30. Bronner’s, who has practiced this decorating tradition for several years, has been joined by dozens of Frankenmuth businesses the past nine years.

The tradition of decorating Easter Fountains, which is known as Osterbrunnen in Germany, is over 200 years old; to this day many German cities and villages still observe this practice each spring. Here in Frankenmuth, or as we’re also known “Little Bavaria,” we thought it only appropriate to mirror the Osterbrunnen tradition in our city.

Enjoy a little sampling of the decorations that are around town this year. And if you get the chance to visit yourself, feel free to share your photos with us by tagging us! @BronnersChristmas on Facebook and Instagram, or @BronnersXmas on Twitter!

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