Felt Flower Crown Fit For A Bride + Willow Tree

DIY Felt Flower Crown

Weddings are a time of blissful celebration. It’s a time to celebrate love, celebrate life and the friends who journey with us from one chapter in our life to the next. We’re sharing how to make a felt flower crown, perfect for displaying Willow Tree collectibles!

We love this quote from Elisabeth Foley. And it’s those very friends who inspired this post!

Felt Flower Crown And Willow Tree Figurines


We’ve all joked about our share of terrible bridesmaid dresses! But we know (you weren’t or) won’t be that bride 😉. You’ve given great care to all the details of your wedding, so wouldn’t you also want to give a gift in similar great taste that expresses your appreciation to those who have helped you through it all?

Willow Tree Display Ideas

If you’re a bride looking to stretch a buck, we think one of the best things about gifting these graceful figurines is that they can also double as a decoration during your bridal shower! Your bridesmaids are sure to have fun selecting which elegant piece they want to remember your special day with at the end of the event. Beautifully displayed with our DIY floral crown (hang tight, it’s coming up!), these heartwarming pieces add a touch of enchantment and BONUS! the flower crown can also be worn during your rehearsal. It’s a win-win for you and your girls!

Willow Tree is such a beautiful collection. We also loved the idea of displaying these figures with branches as an ode to the woodland and rustic weddings we have seen trending lately.

Rustic Willow Tree Display With Wooden Box And Branches

But seriously, can we talk about flower crowns?!

Bronner's Felt Flower Crown DIY


Are you as in love with the flower crowns as we are?! Perfect for the bride-to-be, a fun impromptu photo-shoot or even as an accessory for your favorite little princess, floral crowns are just blooming with potential! We were super excited over here at Bronner’s to try our hand with one that would keep; and we are happy to tell you that it is so super simple even the most amateur of DIY’ers can pull it off!

Bronner's Felt Flower Crown Tutorial

We didn’t provide a rigid pattern because once you get the basic concept down of how to make these flowers, you can improvise any way your heart desires. But fret not, beautiful one! We’ve got tutorial videos just below.

All that you’ll need is

  • 18 Gauge Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Colored Felt
  • Yarn (optional)
  • Pom Poms (optional)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Low-Temperature Hot Glue Gun (and plenty of glue sticks)
  • Scissors

Felt Flower Crown

Purple Dandelion Felt Flower

It may look super intricate, but we promise it’s not! Simply cut a strip of fabric twice the width you desire, place a line of glue along one edge, then fold over horizontally and seal. Cut vertical slits along the folded edge (be careful not to cut too far down.) Then glue a piece of 18 gauge wire on one end. Glue along the same edge as step 1 and roll. Gently pat/fluff the “petals” and voila!


DIY Rose Felt Flower

To create a rose, simply cut a series of circles in varying sizes. These will be your petals. (The size and amount of petals you use will determine the final shape.) Start by cutting a tiny slit in the smallest circle to create the center of your rose. Insert a piece of 18 gauge wire through the slit, line with glue and pinch the circle closed, up around the top of the wire. Then using your smallest circles first and working your way to the biggest ones, add a dab of glue to the bottom of each. (If you want your rose to look more closed add a bit more glue further up.) Your first petals will be glued around the wire. As you work your way outward, stagger the petals and secure them to the base of the other petals they’ll lie over.  (Just under 2 minutes, our video should ease any concerns you might be having right now over how simple it really is!) You can do this!


Lavender Felt Flower

This is one of the easiest of all the flowers! Simply cut a series of matching, (very small) curving oblong petals similar in shape to a marquee diamond. Then secure these, staggered, to a piece of 18 gauge floral wire. You can either add a dab of glue to the base of each petal, or if you want to work more quickly, place a ring of glue around the wire and then add the petals. We like to tape these in clusters of two or three before adding to the flower crown, so don’t be afraid to make a few!


DIY Calla Lily Felt Flower

With just one petal, the calla lily is one of the most elegant flowers, don’t you think?! Cut a large piece of felt in a curved oblong shape, again, similar to a marquee diamond – but this time add a wave to one side. (This will mimic the naturally curled edge of a calla lily.) To create the stamen, add a dab of glue to your 18 gauge floral wire, then attach and wrap golden yarn down part of the length. Wrap a few extra times around the top to make it thicker. Then secure the stamen to your calla lily petal with a small dab of glue on the bottom center. Add glue to the outer bottom edge of your petal and fold one edge over the wire, curling the other end just over that.


Yarn Ball Flower

If you have a cat, you may not want them around while you’re making these cute little guys! Simply create a tiny yarn ball. (We started by wrapping yarn around two fingers.) When you have the size you desire, snip the end of the yarn and glue it. Add a dab of glue and quickly insert a piece of 18 gauge floral wire and voila! Yarn ball flower!


Felt Flower Crown 

To create the crown, measure the 18 gauge floral wire to your desired size and secure the ring with the floral tape. Then simply tape the stems of your flowers around the ring one by one. (We taped clusters of the lavender flowers together in twos or threes before securing that to the ring. You can also pair smaller flowers together before attaching to the ring.)


We’d love to hear what you think about this Willow Tree display and our DIY Felt Flower Crown tutorial! Please leave us a comment below!

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UP NEXT: We’ve also shared an incredible DIY Wire Willow Tree display idea using prismatic icicle ornaments for showcasing Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree figurines.

DIY Wire Willow Tree with Icicle Ornaments

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