Everyone Has a Snowpinion!

Don’t you love that feeling when you find THE gift for someone special? You know – the one that fits their personality so perfectly that you can hardly wait to give it to them! Enter Department 56’s® new line of Snowpinions™ by artist Kristi Jensen Pierro. These fun Snowpinion snowmen are FULL of snow much personal-ity!

Department 56 Snowpinions Collection At Bronner's

We had fun matching a few of these Snowpinions™ up with some of our team members! We’d love to introduce you. Additionally, we want to know how you think we did in the comments below!


Larry And Amanda At Bronner's With D56 Snowpinion

This adorable Only Man For Me Snowpinion depicts two snowmen cuddling up to each other with eyes locked in a loving, yet playful, gaze.

Larry and Amanda are just one pair of lovebirds found at Bronner’s!

Larry currently works in our tree department and has been with Bronner’s since 2012. His fiancé Amanda, who works with our decorating team curating displays throughout the store, has been here since 2008.

They’re a playful couple who have hammed it up for us before. (See them in this Valentine’s post.)  We’ve also put Larry to work as a tie model. See him striking those poses in our DIY post or busting out some sweet dance moves on Instagram! Amanda lends her talents by teaching you how to decorate a tree with Bronner’s flare … and also puts those skills to work decorating Larry’s arm. 😉

Their snowpinion on being matched with this figurine?

Only Man For Me Department 56 Snowpinion, 1185287

“We’re lucky to have fun with each other at work and at home.”


Cindy At Bronner's With Department 56 Snowpinion

Sweetly innocent, this adorable Snowpinion With Candy Cane figurine depicts a snowman coyly smiling.

Cindy has been with Bronner’s since 1997. She is now the assistant manager in our Internet fulfillment department over a team that grows to approximately 200 members during the busiest season.

Cindy has the kind of sweet and gentle demeanor that instantly makes you feel at ease. She is described by members of her team as “highly respected” and a “good listener.”  And it’s apparent that deep, mutual respect and valued teamwork is what helps to keep our Internet fulfillment department functioning so effectively.

Her snowpinion on being picked for this sweet figurine?

D56 Snowpinion With Candy cane, 1177383
“I enjoy my job, always have. Working with people from so many different backgrounds has been a blessing and privilege – they have taught me so much about kindness, as did Wally. I believe when you meet someone you should show them kindness and compassion. Every good relationship is built on this. ‘Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. – Colossians 3:12′”


Mike And Connie At Bronner's With Department 56 Mr. And Mrs. Claus Snowpinion

Mr. and Mrs. Claus are the perfect representation of Forever And Always love in this heart-warming twist on Snowpinions.

Mike celebrates 50 years with Bronner’s this year, having hired-in in 1966 when we had three storefronts on the north end of town! He currently works with our maintenance team and has seen the tremendous growth firsthand throughout the years. Though his wife Connie didn’t officially join Bronner’s until 1998, it was through her mom’s employment here that she met her “forever and always” man! Connie now works with our receiving department, handling many of the thousands of new items that come through Bronner’s bay doors throughout the year!

Both very hard-working and dedicated, Mike and Connie smile and chuckle as they share tales with me from their years, here.

Their snowpinion on being chosen with this adorable Forever And Always figurine?

Forever And Always Department 56 Snowpinion, 1190269

“Forty-three years ago a promise was made for ‘forever and always.’  We wish that for all who have found that special person in their life. We consider each other when doing things together or making decisions together. And so, together, we wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year … forever and always.”


Jen At Bronner's With D56 Snowpinion

A warm smile and a string of colorful Christmas lights … that’s our Time To Shine Snowpinion.

Jen, who has been with Bronner’s since 1994, has a tremendous talent for transforming the most ordinary Christmas decorations into innovative masterpieces! A circus clown balancing on a ball, a guitar tree and sailboat. These are just a few topiaries she has created from scratch that come to mind from throughout the years. Who recalls our bride tree “Stella”?

A little less known fact about Jen … she’s a star … literally! Jen provides the friendly voice of Bronner’s mascot Beamer™ in our DVD presentations shown daily in our program center (and available online for those who can’t make the trip.) Her humbleness and beaming smile light up a room.

Her snowpinion on being plugged with this heartwarming Time To Shine figurine?

Time To Shine Department 56 Snowpinion, 1192179

“While working in the decorating department at Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, I have learned many things. I have learned a lot about decorating and the hard work that it takes to make displays come to life for our guests. I have also learned that to create such displays for  Bronner’s – it takes a team! Like Wally always said, ‘There is no I in TEAM!’  We have such a great group of people here at Bronner’s! We start the day out with laughter and it carries us through to the end of the day! This piece reminds me of how much fun it is to decorate for the holiday season, and how a little laughter can brighten anyone’s day!”


Tammy At Bronner's With D56 Snowpinion

An adventurous spirit is captured in this sweet Snowpinion with candy cane skis.

Tammy is also celebrating a pretty big anniversary with us, 30 years! 1986 marks the year she joined the team. She currently works as an assistant salesroom manager and as one of our buyers, scouring the world for some of the unique and beautiful items you’ll find over at Bronner’s.com and in-store.

Her snowpinion on being chosen with this adorable skiing figurine?

Department 56 Snowpinion On Candy Cane Skis, 1177249

“My family has always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors. We enjoy all seasons but winter is my favorite time of the year. I love the peacefulness of fresh snowfall setting on the trees and watching wildlife scamper through the snow. This Snowpinion piece brings back memories of snowball fights, sledding and snowmobiling.”

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