Easter Egg Ideas

These Easter egg ideas bring fun-filled play, colorful decor and a spiritual focus to the spring holiday. The egg is a symbol of rebirth, fertility and Christ’s empty tomb.

Osterbrunnen in Frankenmuth: Bavarian Easter Celebration

Egg garlands and ribbons wrap arches around a town water fountain in Frankenmuth.

Frankenmuth’s Annual Bavarian Easter Celebration, known as Osterbrunnen in Germany, showcases brightly colored eggs and egg-garland displays throughout town. Often one will find the displays on wells and fountains. In fact, I invite you to read about the connection between water and eggs in this Franconian tradition .

a giant egg wrapped with egg garlands, ribbons and flowers in downtown Frankenmuth
a wreath and window box garland wrapped with Easter eggs, ribbons and artificial flowers on a building in Frankenmuth

Typically, Frankenmuth’s displays are up two weeks before Easter through two weeks after Easter. Be sure to plan a visit!

giant, tree-shaped ornament displayer filled with eggs, ribbons and strings of lights at Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland
closeup of giant egg, flower-shaped eggs and tulle decorating a giant tree-shaped ornament displayer at Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland

Indeed, Bronner’s initiated the practice from the Franconian area in Germany many years ago. By and large, they have been joined by dozens of Frankenmuth businesses the past several years.

Easter Egg Ideas for Your Home

Mosaic Easter Eggs

No doubt the creation of mosaic art using broken ceramic, china or porcelain dishware has been popular for ages. Have some cracked or chipped pieces at home? Picked up some inexpensive pieces at the thrift store? In brief, you can place it in a resealable plastic bag and break it into smaller “tiles” using a hammer. Then you can create a pattern or picture on a surface using the tiles and a crafting resin.

What’s more, you can create mosaic eggs for Easter decor!

  • Begin by hard boiling twice the number of eggs you wish to have completed in mosaic. For example, if you want three mosaic eggs, hard boil six. If you want six mosaic eggs, hard boil 12.
  • Secondly, color half of the eggs you hard boiled the colors of your choice. You can use a hot water/vinegar/food coloring bath in a heat-proof vessel.
  • Thirdly, let your colored eggs dry and cool enough to be handled.
  • Then crack and peel the colored eggs, removing a variety of sizes of eggshell. Also remove the loose eggshell membrane.
blue eggshell being cracked and peeled from a hard-boiled egg for Easter egg ideas
  • Using a small paintbrush, apply a moderate amount of white glue/Mod Podge to a small area of an unpeeled egg. Apply the colored egg-shell tiles to that area of unpeeled egg, leaving small spaces between tiles. Repeat until the mosaic egg is complete. (You will have a small amount of leftover colored egg shell.)
Using Mod Podge to secure blue egg shell pieces in a mosaic pattern on a white hard-boiled egg for Easter egg ideas.
  • Finally let the mosaic egg dry and then display.

*Please Note: After several days, the hard-boiled egg will begin to spoil and need to be thrown out. If you wish to craft a mosaic egg with a long shelf life, begin with a wooden egg. Paint it white, let it dry completely, and apply the colored eggshell as detailed above.

Jelly Beans?

Well … jelly beans aren’t exactly eggs but are similar in shape. 😉 And I have so many reasons you should fill our mercantile tea light and taper holder with jelly beans for Easter!

  • First of all, the jelly beans bring bright, beautiful pops of color to your decor.
  • Secondly, they are a perfect complement to a pink or purple taper candle. ***This is a great opportunity to get multiple uses out of your Advent candles.*** In fact, I recommend our battery-operated wax candle light set of 4. They’re crafted of plastic with a wax coating for the feel of a real candle. However, there’s no dripping mess with the battery-operated flicker flame. The pink candle can be used for spring/Easter and Advent. In addition, the purple is a match for spring/Easter, fall/Halloween, and Advent.
  • Your children or grandchildren will love it!
  • Lastly, a handy sweet treat is always available. 😉

Easter Egg Ideas for an Egg Hunt

Colorful, plastic Easter eggs spilling from an Easter basket onto the grass at the base of a large tree trunk for Easter egg ideas.
Lemon and lime "eggs" hidden in a flower bed.

By and large, you’re probably looking to add a twist to your Easter egg hunt. Here are two easy ways to ramp up the fun:

  1. Make Lemonade! That’s right. You can mix some real lemons and limes in with your eggs. By comparison, these colorful citrus fruits are shaped similar to eggs and can handle a little rough and tumble. What’s more, offer a prize to hunters who bring a lemon or lime back in their clutch of found eggs. And then, perhaps best of all, MAKE LEMONADE!
Lemon hidden next to an old metal dairy bowl on a cement porch.
Lemonade decanter and two glasses on a tray with a spoon and page from a recipe book.
Purple plastic egg and lime hidden by a children's picnic table for Easter egg ideas.

2. Glow in the Dark! In this case, you can slow the pace and light up the night. Begin with large 3-inch plastic eggs. Now stuff them with glow-in-the-dark bracelets that you’ve snapped and shaken well for ultimate illumination. Finally, you can hide the glowing eggs outside and set the hunters in pursuit. Above all, keep safety first by arming each hunter with a flashlight and instructing them to walk. For the hunt or just for ambiance, you can hide the glowing eggs in the lower branches of a tree.

Glowing plastic Easter eggs in a basket for Easter egg ideas.
Glowing plastic Easter eggs in the lower branches of a tree for Easter egg ideas.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the
Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made
through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.
 In him was life, and the
life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the
darkness has not overcome it.” 
~ John 1:1-5

Easter Egg Ideas Are for the Birds!

Egg carton holding bird-seed eggshells and colored and speckled plastic eggs for Easter egg ideas.

Our last Easter egg idea is a fun twist for you on confetti eggs, also know as cascarones. In the mid-1800s, confetti-filled eggshells first became a part of holiday celebrations in Mexico. All in all, they are typically broken over someone’s head during the celebration.

In this fowl-friendly version using bird seed 😁, you’ll need to begin preparing a few weeks or more in advance. Timing will depend on how many eggs your family eats and how many filled shells you want to make.

First, crack a hole the size of a nickel (or a little larger) in the top of the egg. Empty the white and yoke from the shell. Then rinse the interior of the egg well and dry it on a paper towel overnight. Finally, fill the dried eggshell with bird seed and place it in an egg carton. Repeat until you have the number of bird-seed eggshells you want.

Closeup of egg carton holding bird-seed eggshells and colored and speckled plastic eggs.

Closeup of bird-seed eggshells in carton with colored and speckled plastic eggs next to white bowl of bird-seed eggshells nested in crushed eggshells.

Now the real fun begins! Head outside and begin shaking and cracking eggs all over the place. For example, you can shake the seeds into the air or break the shells against trees or over someone’s head. The birds will love you and the broken shells are biodegradable and great for soil. In fact, gardeners often rinse, dry and crush eggshells to sprinkle in their gardens to replace calcium absorbed by plants.


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