Do You Hear What I Hear Jingle Bells Christmas Game

If you’re looking for an un-bell-ievably fun Christmas game to play, we’ve got just the thing! This 🎶Do You Hear What I Hear?!🎶 Jingle Bells Christmas Game can be easily modified to suit children or adults!

Jingle Bells Christmas Game

Jingle Bells Christmas Game


One person places a varying number of bells in (multiple) boxes.

Seal or wrap the boxes (So there’s no sneaky-peeking before Christmas.🎅)

Mark the boxes so that they are uniquely identified. (Choose letters, numbers – or the Elves favorite way, reindeer names😂)

Jingle Bells Game Set Up


You may play this game as individuals or teams.

Shake the boxes and determine the proper order of bells, least to most!

Do You Hear What I Hear Jingle Bells Christmas Game


For young children: Keep the game simple with a small handful of boxes and a large difference of bells between each box. Example, 1, 3, 6…

For adults: To make the game more challenging, add more boxes to the line-up and keep the difference of bells in each closer together. For example, 5, 6, 9, 10. Mixing bells of different sizes will also add a varying degree of difficulty as it changes the weight and sound!

You may also choose to time this game to determine a winner.

Jingle Bells Christmas Game

My family played this game a few years ago and we pitted the men and women against each other! Each team took a turn going in to the other room (so as not to give away our strategies or answer!) We all had to laugh … the women went by “feeling and intuition” while the men “logically” deduced the order.

In the end both teams guessed the correct order and by a mere few seconds difference of time! I’ll leave the winning team a mystery.😂

Whether you prefer “minute-to-win-it” styled games or reindeer games … this “Do You Hear What I Hear Jingle Bells Game” is sure to b-ring in memories you’ll cherish for years to come!

Oh What Christmas Fun!

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