DIY Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop

DIY Tinsel BackdropLet’s all admit that weddings are a blast. Good music, good food, a beautiful ceremony – I mean, what more do you need? Well, maybe just one thing: a killer photo booth! But have you seen how expensive it is to rent one? Some range from $500 up to $1,000! We can show you how to make an inexpensive photo booth backdrop that can be set up at any special event.

Erin_DonutFor this project you will need one tension rod, a spacious doorway and about 10-15 strands of tinsel. The length of the tension rod will depend on the size of your doorway. Once the tension rod is set up, take each strand of tinsel and drape it over the tension rod twice. We liked the length of the backdrop when we had the tinsel backdrop draped over twice, but you can drape it over another time if you want the length of the backdrop to be shorter. Once you have finished draping all the tinsel, stand in front of your awesome backdrop and smile!

Our world is filled with selfies, and a clever way to take photos on your special day is to use an old phone and a selfie stick. Set up a table with instructions and the equipment and let people go crazy! We are missing one major thing, aren’t we? Props! Best part of a photo booth is some hilarious and fun props. Now you can make your own props (super easy), but did you know that our ornaments can be used for just that? Yes! They can be used for props. Check out some of the ornaments we used in the shots below.

ERIN_TINSELI might have had  a little A LOT of fun with this photo booth backdrop. I think you can tell.  😉 Do you have any clever backdrop or prop ideas for a photo booth? Share in the comments below.

Decoratively yours,
– Erin Kuch
(Bronner’s Blog Team)

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