DIY Tea Cup And Saucer Bird Feeder

Upcycle your favorite dishware into this incredibly simple DIY tea cup and saucer bird feeder with just a handful of supplies! Certainly it “serves” a touch of beauty for your own yard, inviting feathered friends for a feast. But it also makes a great hand-made gift for Mother’s Day, Galentine’s, birthdays or simply “just because.”

DIY Tea Cup & Saucer Bird Feeder

A Birdsong

For us in the Midwest — winters can be long and dreary. For instance, the dark mornings make me want to bury myself deeper and deeper, snuggling into a cocoon of blankets. But then? It happens

Sometime before the morning sun officially begins to suffuse the cracks of my blinds, I lie in bed in the dark — slowly, defiantly, waking from my slumber. Until I hear them.

YES! The birds that have returned from their migration south are now softly serenading me to consciousness in nature’s beautiful symphony! The weather is finally beginning to turn.

Birds On A Wire Line Art

One of my favorite thoughts on birds comes from A.W. Tozer in his book, The Pursuit Of Man:

“I think to myself, Why couldn’t the bird just warble or something? Why does the bird have to sing like a harp? Why do birds sing so beautifully? Because the God who made them is the composer of the cosmos. He made them, put a harp in their little throats, surrounded them with feathers and said, ‘Now, go sing.’ And they have been singing ever since, much to my delight.”

It’s almost as if their birdsong is also arousing nature! Flitting through the barren trees and collecting twigs to build nests, nature begins to bud and bloom with life, almost instantly from one day to the next.

Spring has arrived!

Poinsettia Demi Cup And Saucer Bird Seed Holder Feeder

How To DIY A Tea Cup And Saucer Bird Feeder

All you need are a few supplies to make this tea cup and saucer bird feeder.

But the most exciting part is, of course, picking out your dishware! My local antique shops always have a beautiful selection of tea cups and saucers. I can never resist a chance to browse them, even if I don’t really need yet another … Alternatively, your local thrift stores, “Buy, Sell, Trade” Facebook group or Marketplace may have budget-friendly options!

Poinsettia Christmas Demi Cup And Saucer Bird Seed Feeder DIY Craft Supplies

For this post, I am using a fun Christmas demitasse cup and saucer that matches the one we first featured in our “Teas” the season to give: Tea Gifting Ideas post. The vibrant red poinsettias and red and green plaid are truly eye-catching, evidenced by the compliments I receive from friends and family passing by as it has caught their eye hanging in my tree!

DIY Tea Cup & Saucer Bird Feeder

Upcycle your favorite dishware and "serve" up a fine feast for feathered friends with this incredibly simple DIY tea cup and saucer bird feeder with just a handful of supplies!
Author: Aileen Libbey


  • Tea Cup & Saucer Demi or regular size are both great options
  • Sand Paper Grit needed will depend on your cup and saucer
  • E6000® Industrial Glue Look for an "all-weather" variety. (See Notes)
  • Hanger Ribbon, chain, etc.


  • First, prepare your cup and saucer by making sure they are clean and dry.
  • Next, determine the connection points of the cup and saucer, keeping in mind that the weight distribution and seeds will affect how it hangs.
  • Then, use sand paper to roughen the contact surfaces so the glue will get a stronger hold. It may be noted that a rougher grit might be needed first for breaking through the finish. Then consider a finer grit to create a better bond with the glue.
  • Next, add a generous, but controlled, amount of the E6000 glue and place the cup on the saucer. Allow to dry for 24 hours or longer.
  • Once the glue has fully set, add your hanger to the cup handle.


NOTE: The first glue I tried became brittle within a day or two of being outside and separated. The E6000® glue has held up best. But certainly, you may try other types of glue you’ve had success with.
Poinsettia Demi Cup And Saucer Bird Seed Holder Feeder
Wooden Bird House

Enjoy Lemon Cake Bird Nest Cookies

And while the birds are feasting, why not join them? This irresistible LEMON CAKE COOKIE RECIPE from Bronner’s Flavorful Favorites, 1st Edition Cookbook can be made to look like adorable birds’ nests thanks to the addition of mini Cadbury Egg Candies! You can get the recipe on our blog: Spring Is In The Air & Lemon Cookies Are In The Oven!

Bird Line Art
Lemon cake Cookie Birds Nests

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