DIY Snow Globe Kids Craft

DIY Snow Globe Kids Craft Hanging In Flocked Christmas Tree With Multi-Colored Lights

December 25 may have just passed, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming of a “White Christmas”! Shake things up during your next activity time with this great DIY Snow Globe kids craft! Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect way to “weather” winter break.

The great thing to note about this kids craft, is that you can tailor it very easily to suit different holidays or occasions! Want to make Mom something special for Mother’s Day? Choose a picture-perfect photo and swap out the “snow balls” with glitter or sequins. On the other hand, opt for sawdust or fun confetti, perhaps, for a manly version any Dad can appreciate on Father’s Day! I

All you need are a few simple supplies to get … snowing!

DIY Snow Globe Supplies

What you’ll need to make this kids craft:

  • Our DIY Snow Globe Template (*see note)
  • Decorative cardstock or construction paper
  • Photo
  • 6¼” Clear Plate
  • Chenille Stem (pipe cleaner)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil & Marker
  • Double-Sided Foam Mounting Tape & Masking Tape
  • Glue
  • Stryofoam Balls (or other creative filler)
DIY Snow Globe Kids Craft Supplies

*Note: Our template is made to accommodate a 6¼” sized appetizer plate.

How-To Make Kids Snow Globe Craft

1. First, print and cut-out the snow globe pattern from Bronner’s free template.

Alternatively, if your plate size is different, you can trace your plate onto your paper backing directly. Next, draw a snow globe “base” connecting to that circle and cut out.

2. Additionally, you’ll want to trace your plate onto a second piece of decorative paper to create the “dome” of the snow globe.

To point out, shimmering glitter cardstock, as we’ve used here, makes an excellent choice. The glitter glistens like a perpetual snowfall that’s sure to mesmerize kids with magical appeal!

3. Glue the decorative circle “dome” on top of the snow globe paper backing circle. Undeniably, this makes a great opportunity for young kids to match their shapes!

Glue Snow Globe Dome To Backing


4. Next, add the double-sided foam mounting tape to the back of your photo and secure it to the snow globe.

Using the foam mounting tape adds dimension, making your 2-D paper project a little more 3-Dimensional and fun as it interacts with the “Snow”!

Attach A Photo To Snow Globe

5. Young children may need a bit of help with this one. Carefully line the top plate edge with glue. Then, add a fair amount of Styrofoam “snow balls” (or other filler) inside the well of the plate before placing the paper backing, top side down.

Glue Plate To Backing

Make sure the edge is completely sealed or you just may be having an impromptu snow ball fight on your hands!Grinning face with smiling eyes (Which could be fun, too! … Until clean up that is.)

6. Once it is safe to do so, carefully flip over your snow globe and decorate the base. In like manner, kids may wish just to write a name. Or, perhaps, color or paint a picture instead. In that case, it may be best to wait until the glue has completely dried first. (Making it a perfect break for snack-time or watching a favorite Christmas classic!) Alternatively, you can decorate the base before gluing the plate.

Decorate Snow Globe Base

7. Lastly, flip the snow globe over and and tape a chenille stem hanger on the back.

Attach Pipe Cleaner Hanger To Back

S’NOW There You Have It …

… a fantastic DIY snow globe even Santa can’t resist!

DIY Snow Globe Kids Craft

Mrs. Claus demonstrates how to make this fun kids craft in Bronner’s 2021 Facebook LIVE Santa visits video series.

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