DIY Mother’s Day Flowers

MothersDayBeing a mom is hard work. It’s not a job where you’re done at 5 p.m. It’s a lifelong commitment. My mom has three grown daughters. Her job of being a mom is far from over. She is like the captain of a basketball team. She knows which moves to make to get us girls to get along, and she knows when to block to defer a problem from occurring. Now that both of my sisters are engaged (Thank goodness I already tied the knot!), I have watched my mom be there for both of my sisters as they try to figure out how to plan a wedding. Like I said before, her job of being a mom is far from over!

BirdTulipAlthough I say “job,” I know my mom has never looked at raising us kids like that. I know this isn’t a job to her; it’s family. While my sisters and I may make her want to pull her hair out sometimes (I swear we are angels 90% of the time!), we try our best to show our mom how thankful we are to have her. This Mother’s Day weekend we’re spending time with her at home, we’re going wedding dress shopping for my younger sister, and we’re going to try to make her a gourmet breakfast in the morning. Key word “try”! We know spending time with her is one of her favorite gifts.

Of course, spending time with her is what she enjoys, but it’s always nice to give my mom a little something to just say thank you. She loves flowers and my dad is amazing at getting her the most beautiful bouquets. I know the bouquets he gets her can be pretty expensive, so with the help of Bronner’s, I was able to create a beautiful display of tulips, all for $20. You’re thinking, “No way!” I’m here to say “Yes way!” and I’ll show you exactly how I did it.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Potted Flower (The one below is from Meijer – $6.99.)
  • Ribbon (I had some extra at home – you don’t need much – $2.)
  • 2 Clip-on Birds (Bronner’s – $1.99 each)
  • 1 Silver-glitter Flourish Spray (Bronner’s – $2.99)
  • 1 Silver-glitter Branch Spray (Bronner’s – $3.99)
  • 1 Happy Mother’s Day Card (PRINT HERE)

For a grand total of (drum roll, please) $19.95!

Below is a picture of all the things we used to create this stunning tulip display.


Now to the fun part! Time to decorate. Cut a piece of ribbon that will fit around the diameter of your pot. Glue the ribbon close to the top of your pot by using a hot glue gun (tape does work but doesn’t stick very well). To learn how we make our bow, view the video below. Once your bow is complete, glue it to the center of your pot.


Cut the sprays  into pieces. Use a wire cutter to do this because scissors won’t do the job. Once all pieces are cut, place them in the flower pot. I cut shorter sprays for the front and kept taller sprays for the back. Place two on the front left side, two on the front right side and two in the back. Move them around to your liking. Clip one bird on the leaf of a flower. Place the other on a spray branch.


Last of all, add the Mother’s Day card. We provided a PDF of the card that we used; feel free to print that out by clicking on the PRINT HERE button in the supply list. The plastic-stick card holder that was used is from Meijer and can be found in the same section you buy your plant. Place your card holder with card into the pot near the front so it can be seen. Then your masterpiece is complete!


From everyone here at Bronner’s, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! And Mom (I know you’re reading this!) I hope you love the flowers.  🙂


Have you made your mom a unique gift to show her how much you care? Share it with us in the comments below.

Decoratively yours,
– Erin Kuch
(Bronner’s Blog Team)






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