DIY Mini Felt Stocking

If you’re looking for a miniature stocking to hold a gift card or small gift for a Secret Santa gift exchange or just to share some Christmas cheer … any time of the year – but can’t find what you’re looking for, than this DIY mini felt stocking is sure to be the perfect fit!

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Our super fun DIY mini felt stocking culminated from left-over supplies we found hanging around in our craft closet while we were writing up a story for our “12 Days Of Christmas In July” series! (Does it get any better than recycling the odds and ends?!) The beautiful thing about this DIY is that it’s fully customizable, both to your style and what you have available. But in the event that you don’t have any craft supplies on hand, just a short list of pretty easily accessible materials will get you started!

DIY Mini Felt Stocking Tutorial

DIY Mini Felt Stocking Supplies

What’s more – this is a fun craft that can be done with the kids! Allow them to decorate their very own mini felt stocking or encourage them to make one to surprise someone special!

We’re sharing a more intricate Christmas tree pattern, but really this stocking can be decorated any way you (or your kids) would like!

Additionally, glitter paints, pipe cleaner, beads and ribbons are all also great options for decorating.

DIY Mini Felt Stocking

Miniature stocking made from felt is perfect for holding gift cards and small gifts in your next Secret Santa gift exchange!
Author: Aileen Libbey


  • Bronner's Stocking Template printed , cardstock is more durable for tracing.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn and Sewing Needle
  • Felt red, dark green, light green and brown
  • Sewing Pins optional
  • Pom-Poms optional
  • Fabric Glue
  • Decorations I.E. glitter foam, decorative trim, pom-poms



  • Cut pieces out from Bronner's stocking template.
  • Fold an 8.5" x 11" sheet of red felt in half or use two full sheets. Then using the template, trace the stocking on top.
  • If using pins, secure the 2 red felt pieces by pinning them together "inside" of the stocking so they stay aligned as you cut the excess felt away.
  • With yarn, stitch the two pieces of felt together. (Our template includes a guide for stitching if you wish to follow.)
  • Glue a row of pom-poms along the top of the stocking to create the "cuff" and one at the tip of the toe.

Christmas Tree Decorations

  • Trace and cut out tree pieces from green and brown felt, as indicated on the template. (You may choose to use the single tree alone but we love the dimension the additional "branch" layers add.)
  • Using fabric glue, attach your tree to the stocking, starting first with the trunk and then the large tree piece. If using the additional "branches", work from the bottom up, applying glue just at the top of the pieces so they are not flat.
  • From glitter foam, felt, or paper, cut the star topper and glue on top of the tree.
  • Lastly, add in additional decorations. We used a combination of pop-poms and decorative sequin trim and wove them through the branches to create dimension.
  • Additionally we made a small present beneath the tree with a scrap of yarn and cardstock.

Christmas Stockings

Modern Christmas Decorations
📷 Instagram Photo Credit: AbbyManchesky

Instagram’s Abby Manchesky shares her family’s fun Christmas tradition for the week of Christmas:

“Stockings are labeled and ready to be filled with goodies! Actually, the elves come every day the week before Christmas and leave a little treat.”

Love this idea but not up for crafting your own? Bronner’s offer’s a large selection of Christmas stockings online, many of which can be personalized, and there are even more to be found in-store!

Mini Stocking Stuffers

With over 50,000 trims and gifts for all seasons, reasons and budgets, you’re sure to find the perfect stocking stuffer for your mini felt stocking!

Here are just a few of our in-store favorites!

  • Bronner's Gift Card Stocking Stuffer
  • Woven Beaded Christmas Earrings
  • Gourmet Chocolate And Caramels
  • The Nutcracker Themed Christmas Pins
  • Bob Ross Word Search and Coloring Book and Magnets
  • Retro Santa Claus Plaid Metal Teardrop Earrings with Jewels
  • Forever In Our Hearts Star Memorial Necklace
  • Austrian Crystal Poinsettia Jewel Pin
  • 12 Days Of Christmas Earrings Gift Set

Additionally, miniature tools, lottery tickets or a souvenir shot glass will make excellent gifts for the men!

Just don’t add a lump of coal!😜

What Are Your Favorite Stocking Stuffers?

We’d love to hear about your stocking stuffers – wins or fails – in the comments below!

Loved this post? You’ll find this fun DIY mini felt stocking in our list of “10 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer All Year.”

What the world needs now is more Christmas cheer

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