DIY Greenhouse Decoration

Who would think building your own greenhouse can be so easy?! Granted, our DIY greenhouse is decorative, but we grow more in love with it with each passing day. We first created this decorative greenhouse as a centerpiece for our garden charcuterie board. But, without a doubt, it’s also a natural choice and excellent accent piece for vignettes in your home décor! Made from merely 3 items with some wood glue and then painted, this simple DIY will show you how to make your own decorative greenhouse. Furthermore, we’re sharing a few different ideas for ways to decorate with it!

Using twelve 4×6 wooden photo frames, wooden onlay appliques and decorative metal feet for jewelry boxes, we go from this …

DIY Greenhouse Materials

To this …

teacup collection display with house plant, autographed Doris Day picture and vintage camera in cloche

How To Make A Greenhouse From Picture Frames

DIY Greenhouse

Decorative greenhouse made from wooden 4 x 6 picture frames.


  • 12 4 x 6 Wooden Picture Frames
  • 2 Decorative Wooden Onlay Appliques
  • 4 Metal Jewelry Box Feet

For Assembly & Finishing

  • Wooden Glue
  • Paint optional
  • Zip Ties optional


  • Carefully disassemble the frames and save the glass. (The backing can be discarded if you wish.)
  • Using wooden glue, connect the wooden frames as shown in the blueprint below. Then allow to cure according to bottle directions.
  • Once the different pieces have cured, glue and assemble the greenhouse frame together. (Zip ties may be useful in securing as you work and until it dries.)
  • After the greenhouse frame has had time to set, add the wooden onlay appliques onto either side of the roof.
  • If desired, paint your greenhouse. We used sandpaper to bring back some of the wooden frame for a shabby chic vibe. Additionally, we added some gold accents by rubbing a stamp pad across the frames. Alternatively, you could simply paint these accents.
  • Once dry, glue the metal jewelry box feet at the bottom. (We opted for a multi-surface Gorilla Glue® here.)
  • Finally, carefully replace the glass back into the frames securing the metal prongs as snugly as possible.

DIY Greenhouse Decoration Ideas

This decorative greenhouse originated as a fun addition to our garden-themed charcuterie board —where we clipped glass mushroom ornaments onto sprigs of fresh parsley within.

Greenhouse Garden Party Charcuterie Board Idea

But even more so, it’s a great accent piece to add in your home décor! You can pair it with your favorite plants or books, for example.

Books inside a decorative greenhouse/terarrium with house plants

This terrarium style greenhouse is also a unique way to showcase a beautiful teacup collection.

DIY picture frame greenhouse "terrarium" decoration idea
DIY greenhouse from picture frames onlay applique detail and teacups

Decorating Challenge

For fun, I challenged a friend to share her ideas for styling this DIY decoration. And her son anxiously added his own touches! (To which he told his mom, “no tweaks!”)😂

DIY Greenhouse Decorating Idea
Spring decor idea with DIY greenhouse

As a result, you can see that our DIY greenhouse will look great in many different types of home décor!

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