DIY Feather-Tree-Inspired Ornament Stand

Heart on my sleeve, I’m sharing my love for all things (Christmas) vintage this season, including a DIY feather-tree-inspired ornament stand!

Vintage Feather Tree And Christmas Ornaments on display in the Program Center at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan.


Several years ago after The Old Christmas Station opened up in town I began to notice and more fully appreciate vintage Christmas decorations. The ornaments in particular.

That’s also when this little vintage-feather-tree display in Bronner’s Program Center, which has probably been there since the beginning of time😂, first caught my eye. I’ve had a fascination with feather trees ever since!

I realize some may find a feather tree sparse and sadly reminiscent of a “Charlie Brown tree.” But hear me out! What I love most about them is the fact that the ornaments have room to hang and be seen. I feel the ornaments really are the star of the show on these vintage-styled trees … move over tree topper!


Bronner’s didn’t carry a feather tree at that time so a DIY seemed in order! Since I always like to give things my own spin, I’ve given this how-to a twist by transforming our 40 inch 6-tier ornament stand into a feather tree. As a result, I really love the playful swirls at the ends of some of the tips which gives the added bonus of stability for holding those special collectible ornaments!

40 inch 6-tiered ornament stand-turned feather tree displays the Jim shore Santas Around the World ornament collection.
Our DIY Feather Tree ornament stand first appeared showcasing Jim Shore’s “Around The World Santa” collection in this post.

While finding an antique feather tree is certainly possible in your thrifting or antique-shop adventures, you may have better luck finding (or recycling) some tired Christmas greens and following our tutorial instead.


DIY Feather Tree created from Bronner's  40" ornament stand.

– Bronner’s 40 inch 6-Tier Ornament Stand*
– Old branch Christmas greens. (Wreath or garland would work well.)
– Wire cutters
– Needle nose pliers
– Fishing line
– Scissors
– Hot glue

NOTE: This can also be created with our smaller, 32 inch 4-Tier Ornament Stand.

1. Cut 48 spruce sprigs near the base of the branch. (32 if using the smaller stand.)

Cut branch at the base.

2. Securely tie 1 spruce sprig with fishing line to each ornament hook. (6 tiers, with 4 per row.) Trim branches down to fit as you work your way up the stand.

Tie branch with fishing line to the ornament hook, near the pole.
Wrap fishing line around spruce and ornament stand and tie off at the end.

3. Using needle nose pliers, fold the cut edge of the remaining spruce sprigs to a 90° angle.

Bend the cut end of spruce sprigs to 90°.

4. In between the hook arms, insert the cut end (pointing up) with a dab of hot glue underneath the hollow caps lining each tier. (This will make your ornament stand look fuller like a feather tree, but you will not want to hang anything too heavy on these branches.)

Insert additional branches inside the hollow cap.
View from underneath. Insert glued branches, end pointing up, here.
Glue tip of the branch and insert into the hollow caps lining each tier.

5. Wrap the pole with additional spruce to finish off; leave a bit off the top for a tree tip.

Cover pole with a long branch to finish the feather tree inspired ornament stand.


Take some inspiration from the collection of vintage Christmas ornaments decorating our display in our program center:

A collection of vintage Christmas ornaments decorate the feather tree in Bronner's program center.

Common themes are clip on birds, reflectors, fruits and nuts, angels, bells, and nature themes like pine cones and mushrooms. You’d be amazed just how many European glass ornaments Bronner’s STILL offers that have the same look and feel as these Christmas classics!

Here are a few of my picks to recreate our original display:

Glass Christmas ornaments sold at Bronner's strikingly similar to vintage glass ornament designs.

Featured from left to right, top down:

  1. Reflector Gold Ornament (1206729)
  2. Mushroom Clip Ornament (1161542 )
  3. Trumpet Glass Ornament (1200099)
  4. Cardinal Mushroom Feather Clip Ornament (1103468)
  5. Angel Red Matte Glass Ornament (1212607)
  6. Nativity Spun Glass Ornament (1193054)
  7. Candle Satin Champagne Glass Clip Ornament (1157092)
  8. Blue Heart Glass Ornament (1186990)
  9. Plaid White Small Finial Glass Ornament (1212638)
  10. Candle Satin Burgundy Glass Clip Ornament (1157091)
  11. Santa Glass Ornament (1034627) – Also available online in our Newlywed Ornament Collection (1170893).
  12. Opal White Heart Glass Ornament (1149560)
  13. Nostalgic Angel Glass Ornament (1212601)
  14. Santa Red Matte Glass Ornament (1212608)
  15. Gold Pine Cone Glass Ornament (1084909)
  16. Bird Glass Clip Ornament (1034629) $9.99 – Also available online in our Newlywed Ornament Collection (1170893).
  17. Mushroom Glass Ornament (1212610)
  18. Bell Burgundy Glass Ornament (1116080)

CHECK IT OUT: Love vintage ornaments? You may enjoy this post chronicling the history of Bronner’s exclusive designs throughout the decades!

Reminiscent of the old aluminum trees, Bronner’s offers a beautiful, sterling-silver tinsel feather tree! Perfect for those who may want a feather tree without the work of sprucing up our ornament stand. 😉

Bronner's sterling-silver feather tree matches the aluminum trees of past.
Featured: 3′ Sterling Silver Feather Tree (1207650)

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