DIY Easter Topiary Decoration

I love that Easter comes in the spring! And being in the part of the world we are here at Bronner’s, I also appreciate how the holiday that celebrates Christ’s resurrection coincides with the same time of the year when nature resurrects from the wonder of winter. It’s a beautiful parallel to watch what was once dead spring forth in new life!

This DIY topiary decoration is so versatile you can reincarnate it a few different ways to give it a longer life!

DIY Topiary Religious Home Decor

We had fun changing up this look for spring and Easter with just a few quick switches … and honestly, there is probably SO MUCH MORE you can do with it! We chose a few Jim Shore collectibles, a palm-leaf-styled cross, a beautiful cream rose clip ornament skillfully crafted by glass artisans in Poland, our “Until God opens the next door Praise Him in the hallway.religious plaque, battery-operated LED Invisilites and even incorporated one of our personalized sparkle glass ornaments with a “Happy Easter” message.

Spring Decorating Inspiration

Easter Home Decor Inspo

Cross of palms and Jim Shore woodland bunny figure


I was in the wrong line when God was giving out the “green thumbs.” But if you have the gift of growth, you can easily modify this DIY topiary decoration to work with your favorite vine plants – like ivy – in half the steps! I had to resort to using floral picks, but both variations look incredibly beautiful!


What you’ll need:

– A live plant – or leafy floral picks (pieces pre-cut) and floral foam blocks
– A bucket or flower pot (based on your style preference)
– A wire coat hanger
– Pliers (Wire cutters are helpful, too, if you’re using floral picks.)
– Hot glue gun (if using floral foam blocks)
– Chenille stems, also known as pipe cleaners – or floral wire/tape if using floral picks.


1. Fill the bucket or flower pot with floral foam … or dirt if you are using a real plant🌱

2. Using the pliers, straighten the hook of the hanger. This will be the part inserted into the floral foam or dirt.

3. Round out the hanger loop to create a rough circle.

4. Insert the straightened hook down into your floral foam (using hot glue to better secure it in place) or insert it into the dirt with your plant.

5. Affix floral picks using chenille stems or floral wire/tape (or longer vines from your plant), to cover the loop.

6. Fill the base with additional floral pick pieces.

7. Then decorate!

NOTE: You may wish to weigh the bottom down as floral picks and decorations can get a bit weighty and tip the topiary over.


Spring Monarch Butterflies Home Decor

Our spring display is sure to add a cheery touch to a tabletop, mantle or even your Easter buffet table! Speaking of Easter dinner, why not whip up our popular (and deceptively fancy but oh-so-easy) carrot-shaped cheese spread?! You can also catch some additional Easter tablescape inspo in our last “Hostess With The Mostess” post.

Religious home decor display ideas

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