DIY Dried-Flower Ornament Mobile Decoration

Spring is just around the corner here in Michigan, and we can feel it in the air. In anticipation of all the beautiful blooms that the season brings our way, we are elated to share these DIY dried-flower ornaments again. But this time with bonus decorating ideas, like our dried-flower ornament mobile! Coming soon, even more inspiration on ways to decorate with dried flowers beyond the Christmas tree with Cass Street Decor floral expert, Tracie Kuck. You won’t want to miss these, we promise!

Dried-Flower Ornament Mobile Decoration

Let’s get one thing out in the open before we get any further … mobiles are not just for babies!

dried flower ornament mobile
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In 2016 we were inspired by a coastal line of spun glass ornaments to create a mobile from a piece of driftwood.

This dried-flower ornament mobile is NEXT-LEVEL! We show you how to get the look with our step-by-step tutorial below, but you can customize it to fit your style!

dried flower ornament mobile and detail shot

DIY Dried-Flower Ornament Mobile


Supplies to make dried flower ornament mobile

DIY Tassel Dangle Ornament Directions:

We made three tassel-dangle ornaments to hang between our dried-flower ornaments. In line with 2021’s Bohemian trend, we loved the mix of these textile ornaments with our dried-flower glass ornaments!

We used a smaller, 3″ metal hoop, but you can also use a piece of cardboard (as demonstrated in our DIY Valentine’s ornaments post) to create the tassels.

Simply loop crochet thread around your implement. We found wrapping the thread 60 times around our 3″ hoop to be a perfect size for the beads we chose from Bead Haven.

Wrap string

Using an ample piece of string (as this will be braided and hangs from the mobile), tie the center of your strings taut.

tie string

Next, cut the looped ends open.

cut ends of string to create tassel

Then string on a bead.

add flower bead to tassel

Cut three strands of crochet thread, twice the length of the hanging string on your tassel.

Find the center of the three strands, tie them off on the hanging string and push taut to the bead. Finally, tie all the cords together to lock the bead in place atop the tassel.

secure flower bead in place of tassel

Trim tassel ends even for a polished look. Finally, braid the hanging cords.

Home-made tassel

Create additional tassels and cluster them together by tying them off at the top.

Our clusters were matching, each made of three tassels. But you can vary yours based on your preference.

tassel dangle ornament

The Mobile Hoop

Tie the DIY tassel ornaments onto your hoop and trim the excess strings.

Undoubtedly, there are different ways you may choose to design your mobile. If you like the look, you may simply leave it as is. We chose to finish it off by wrapping string around the metal hoop. And, of course, we realized after we’d wrapped quite a bit of it that leaving a few open spaces exposed would have complimented the silver beads nicely!

wrap metal hoop with crochet string

You may simply wrap the string around the ring.

However, knotting the string around, as we show here, leaves a lovely little detail. Furthermore, knotting the string ensures it will stay in place.

how to wrap metal hoop

Next, your mobile needs a hanger. You may simply create one from the crochet thread if you want to keep a natural, minimalistic look.

Instead, we chose to use our 48″ acrylic bead garland (1216483). The cut-crystal look of the beads shine and add elegance without overpowering the mobile.

tie garland hanger to hoop.

Use fishline to tie the garland at four points on the hoop as this will allow the hoop to hang level.

Depending on the hanging height you choose, you may let the garland to drape beneath the hoop as we have, or pull it taut across the diameter. If you choose to cut the garland, you may remove a few beads and use the garland’s string to tie it off directly on the hoop.

close up of faceted garland

What’s more, you may tie the top together where it hangs, or add a loose leaf ring for hanging.

Adding Ornaments To Your Mobile

dried flower ornament detail

It’s the details that make the difference!

Decorative ornament hooks make another lovely detail for suspending your dried-flower ornaments from the mobile.

While we chose to simply hang just one (Egyptian) spun glass hummingbird ornament in this mobile’s center (attached to the hanger), another lovely option is to hang a “charm” of hummingbirds around the mobile!

And while this mobile is the perfect way to enjoy your dried-flower ornaments year round, you can certainly change it up with the seasons by swapping out the ornaments!

If you give this mobile a go, we’d love to see your creation! Please consider tagging @BronnersChristmas on Facebook and Instagram, or @BronnersXmas on Twitter! Or upload your photo to the “tried this” on Pinterest!

DIY Dried flower ornament mobile with spun glass hummingbird ornament
Featured: 48″ Acrylic Bead Garland (1216483); Egyptian Glass Hummingbird Ornament (1180265)

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