Do-It-Yourself Cookie Cutter Crafts

If you’re a DIY’er looking for a unique way to share the CHRISTmas story, we’ve got a few ideas that are perfectly cut out for the task with these 3 fun cookie cutter crafts.

So we first introduced you to this amazing nativity cookie cutter set in our CHRISTmas Story post last year. (And we’re still dreaming about these heavenly “kookies”!🤤)

Bronner's Nativity Cookie Cutter Set
“Kookies” decorated by Mid-Michigan based, Kustom Baked Kreations by Kelly from our Nativity Cookie Cutter Set (1158692)

But have you ever wondered what else cookie cutters are good for? Plenty! Here are a few ideas of ways you can enjoy this remarkable set of metal cookie cutters outside of the kitchen.😊

One for the adults:


Do It Yourself Nativity Cookie Cutters Wreath

We love reincarnating ideas for CHRISTmas. So we were on a mission once seeing those cool cookie cutter wreaths floating around online and knew we just HAD to make a CHRISTmas version using our nativity cookie cutter set!  It’s undoubtedly the perfect conversation piece to share the reason for the season. Because there are a few different ways you can do this, so be sure to read through the “Notes” before grabbing your materials.

Materials Needed to make Bronner's Nativity Cookie Cutter Wreath

Materials |

  • Bronner’s Nativity Cookie Cutter Set
  • Epoxy or glue (see notes)
    -Surface to mix epoxy on
    -Small stir stick
  • Paper or Binder Clips
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pine Picks

Steps |

  1. Prepare a working surface.
  2. Lay out the cookie cutters to determine how your pieces best fit together to your preference.
  3. Wearing gloves, carefully mix epoxy according to package instructions.
  4. Assemble cookie cutters with epoxy. Gently secure in place with paper or binder clips.
  5. Allow to dry completely and cure overnight.
  6. Wrap small pieces of wire (about 9″ long) around cookie cutters at connecting points for a more durable hold.
  7. Tie a ribbon and pine picks or make a bow to hang your cookie cutter wreath.

Video tutorial below.

NOTES | We tried this using both Super Strength Epoxy which cures clear, and J-B® Weld KwikWeld™ Epoxy which cures dark grey. We found the J-B® Weld KwikWeld™ Epoxy seemed to hold a bit better.

We imagine you could also use E6000® glue – it is described as having a more flexible and less brittle hold than epoxy. Many variations of this craft simply use hot glue; we felt hot glue is not the most durable as the cookie cutters may easily pop apart once the glue cools.

The epoxy was a good hold but still delicate because of the smooth finish of the metal and the small connecting surface area, so we added wire at the adjoining points to make the wreath more secure and durable.

Bronner's Nativity Cookie Cutter Set DIY Wreath

Here’s a fun one for the kids to help with:


Bronner's Nativity Cookie Cutter Ornaments Tutorial

Life isn’t always made out of cookie cutter moments, but when it is you should preserve them! This craft can easily be made child-friendly by swapping out patterned cardstock for white cardstock printed with these corresponding Nativity figures for the kids to color for instance! A fun way to talk about the CHRISTmas story, this craft is perfect for the family to make together and a special way to save some of your children’s art.

Kid's coloring and crayons
Materials for kids craft Nativity Cookie Cutter ornaments

Materials |

Steps |

  1. Trace and cut out these Nativity cookie cutters on patterned cardstock or trim out the hand colored nativity figures from white cardstock.
  2. Tie a piece of ribbon for hanging on each cutter.
  3. Dab craft glue along the cutters edge and carefully align your corresponding paper cutout.
  4. Allow to dry completely before hanging.

NOTE | If using nativity art, cut loosely around figures as package art does not perfectly align with cutters. This also allows you to keep all of the perfectly imperfect details of their coloring!

DIY Nativity Cookie Cutter Ornaments Kids Craft


And lastly, whether on a tree, in a kitchen window or from a shelf, this CHRISTmas garland is sure to look great!

DIY Rustic Nativity Cookie Cutter Garland perfect for Country Themed Decor
DIY Cookie Cutter Garland Step By Step

Materials |

Steps |

  1. Measure and cut a string of twine at roughly 8′ long.
  2. Measure and cut twelve strips of fabric to your preference. (We cut ours at about 8½” long by ¾” wide.)
  3. Make a loop of string at both ends of the twine.
  4. Tie a strip of fabric onto each cookie cutter.
  5. Tie the fabric onto the twine, measuring approximately 6″ between each cookie cutter.
  6. Trim any excess ribbon as you desire.

NOTE Tying the fabric tightly onto the twine alone will still allow you to slide the cookie cutters around to adjust spacing. If you want them securely in place, lie the twine on top of the cookie cutter and tie around the ribbon once before tying the ribbon a second time.

We’d love to see your variations of these crafts! Be sure to share your creations by tagging us! @BronnersChristmas on Facebook and Instagram, or @BronnersXmas on Twitter!

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