DIY Christmas Tree Dress

🎵Oh Christmas ME 🎄 Oh Christmas ME🎵Stumped for Halloween? Our DIY Christmas tree dress idea is so brilliant you WOOD not believe you didn’t think of it sooner!

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Tree Dress Costume

We take a brief break from celebrating Christmas to bring you a real ‘treat’ for Halloween —

OK … Hold on just a minute — Is it a true “break” if it’s still Christmas-themed?! 🤔

No matter, this DIY Halloween costume idea is so tree-mendous it’s sure to unite the masses, and we’re showing you how to make our original design, dubbed “haute coniferous couture”, step by step with photos!

1. Saying Yes To The Dress

First thing’s first, finding a dress!

Depending on your desired look, there are plenty of options to consider when dress shopping, such as:

MATERIAL – All things considered, you’ll want to pay close attention to the dress fabric. If a fabric has too much give, it may not be strong enough to support your decorations. Chose a sturdy material that will better keep its shape.

DRESS LENGTH – You can opt for a long, maxi dress or pair a midi-dress with brown leggings if you prefer something lighter.

Additionally, you’ll want to give some thought to the SLEEVE LENGTH.


All in all, we chose to go with a long dress for MAXI-mum effect. We thrifted this long sleeve, evergreen maxi dress from the Clothesline in Frankenmuth for a real s-DEAL at just $1!

Green Dress

2. To Crinoline Or Not?

To create a more true silhouette for our Christmas tree dress, we opted to add a crinoline beneath.

The crinoline under the dress was a bit unsightly at first due to the soft and stretchy material of our green maxi dress. (We learned some of those aforementioned tips and suggestions as we went.😉)

However, sometimes the best place to be is out on a whim limb! Keeping in mind that we would be covering up the material with our 25′ artificial pine garland we pressed on…

3. Stylin’ & Profilin’ Like A True Tree

The next decision is to select styling, which in turn, will also play a part in determining how much (or little) garland you will need.

pulling dress over crinoline

3 Ways To Style Your Christmas Tree Dress

  1. Flapper Fringe — flowing and free. Certainly you can opt to fringe heavily or more lightly.
  2. Layered Loops — a fun, contemporary approach.
  3. Traditional Drape — just as you would hang garland on your tree. It may be noted that this method requires the least amount of garland as most of the dress material remains exposed.
Select garland styling

We opted for the “flapper fringe” as it created the most life-like effect. Additionally, it allows for the most flexibility when it comes to adding decorations later.

4. Christmas Tree Dress Spruces Up Nicely

Our 25′ artificial pine garland features stitch and wire construction. As a result, the best way to securely attach it to the dress is to first thread under the wire.

A Few Tips To Consider:

Cut strands in double the length you desire. Then fold in half, stitching first under the wire (as pictured above) before sewing to the dress.

Fold cut wire ends over to lock in the garland so that it doesn’t accidentally come unraveled.

Work in layers.

We went considerably longer with each subsequent row for a more playful look. However, you can opt to keep the branches shorter if you wish to achieve a more traditional appearance.

Once your branches are sewed on, try on the dress to see if you have the coverage you desire. If not, you can add pieces as needed.

For instance, we were unsure of whether or not we should leave the sleeves bare, or ‘spruce’ them up also. After trying the dress on, we realized they most definitely needed a little evergreen love too!

Sew garland fringe on in layers
Adding garland fringe to sleeves of DIY Christmas Tree costume

Voilà — A ‘Home Grown’ Christmas Tree Dress

DIY Christmas tree dress costume
Featured: Gold Starburst Tree Topper (1230820)

The great thing about this do-it-yourself Christmas Tree dress is that you can ‘tailor’ it with multiple looks so you have more than one use!

  • Christmas Tree Halloween Costume which can be styled with different looks such as a traditionally decorated tree* or opt for birds, mushrooms etc. to create a woodland tree.

    *Take one rocker and this stunning Christmas tree dress and you have the ultimate couples Halloween costume. Get it?! … 🎸”Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!“🎄

  • Be the belle of the Ugly Christmas Sweater ball with this haute coniferous couture that is sure to have others’ pining!

  • Thespian?! Consider including this tree-mendous look in your next Christmas productions’ costume designs. (Check out Bronner’s in Ho-Ho-Hollywood!)

To Get The Look!

To create your own “Haute Coniferous Couture”, you’ll need Bronner’s 25′ Green Pine Artificial Garland (1115445). Because it is lightweight, it works perfectly! Our fully covered, flapper fringe maxi dress used a total of 8 garlands with some left over.

Outfit Yourself In Christmas Cheer

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