Decorate Bohemian for Christmas!

Decorate Bohemian for Christmas with Bronner’s this year! If you’re looking for a personal, relaxed theme, Bohemian is for you.

decorate Bohemian for Christmas with a teal and purple tree and fabric wall hanging above the fireplace

Bohemian Elements

Surely Bohemian brings carefree, creative and unconventional decor to the forefront with layers of texture, pattern and color. Straightaway think macramé and crochet, dyed textiles and patterns from around the world, burlap and sisal, silk and chenille, tassels and fringe, pottery and brass. Nonetheless, don’t forget potted and hanging plants, succulents, family heirlooms and objects from your travels.

That said, you do want to pick and choose well as you go to avoid a sense of clutter and keep some focus. (More is not always merrier.)

At any rate, the Bohemian color palette includes warm, earthy colors along with jewel tones and metallics. In fact, choose deep browns, greens or grays (or even white!) for your color base. Then accentuate your decor with an electric blue, fiery orange or saturated purple. (Just don’t use ALL these colors. For sure, plan your work and work your plan!)

Wall hangings are a staple of Bohemian decor. When I was working on this post, I was redoing a bedroom at home in a Bohemian theme centered on a primary palette of teal, purple and gold. Hence, the fabric for my DIY wall hanging featured those jewel tones and metallics, too.

strips of fabric in purples, teals, bright greens and silvers decorate Bohemian for Christmas

Furthermore, I used extra fabric strips to wrap cardboard stars to trim my tree, carrying the texture and colors from the hanging to the tree.

middle section of Christmas tree lit with teal and purple lights decorated with colored glass icicles, iridescent glass teardrop ornaments and DIY alcohol ink glass ornaments

DIY Wall Hanging to Decorate Bohemian for Christmas

Before we get started, please note that this Bohemian wall hanging can decorate your room all year long, not only at Christmas. You can simply remove the multi-colored, glass teardrop ornaments and glass icicles after Christmas.

finished Bohemian wall hanging above white fireplace next to Bohemian-decorated tree


  • sharp fabric scissors
  • 1/3 yard of 5 fabrics of varied textures
  • 1 yard of ribbon, twine, etc. of your choice
  • wood or metal rod about 30 inches long (I used a birch branch. The length will vary, you see, depending on the desired size of your wall hanging.)


Assembling the Wall Hanging

  1. Fold each piece of fabric in half lengthwise and cut 1- to 1 1/2-inch wide strips.
  2. When all your fabric lengths are cut, attach them to the rod. To begin with, keep the strips folded in half and lay them all in a row with the folds in a straight line. You should overlap some of the fabric strips so you have no gaps in your wall hanging. (If you have more strips than you need, set them aside to make fabric stars.)
  3. Next, lay the rod about 3 inches down from the fold line.
  4. One at a time, open a fabric loop above the rod. Run one of the two coordinating loose ends through the loop and pull it tight. Repeat until all the fabric strips are attached. Indeed, you can always add more strips as needed to fill the hanging.

Finishing the Wall Hanging

5. Now cut a piece of ribbon or twine the length of your rod plus 8 to 10 inches on each end. Leaving about 3 inches of one end of ribbon to hang, wrap the ribbon about 3 times around one end of the rod. Secure the ribbon by pulling it through the loop of the last wrap. Repeat on the other end of the rod.

6. Suspend the wall hanging. Beginning a little left of center, snip an inch or two of fabric from a few strips. As you continue to the left, gradually take a little more length off the strips. (You’re creating a soft, not sharp, angle as you go. Keep in mind that the lengths should be a bit uneven and the angle soft.) Repeat on the right, starting a little right of center.

At this point, you likely have some extra fabric strips lying around. Make fabric stars from them to carry the color and texture of your wall hanging to your tree!

DIY Fabric Stars

  • Begin by going to and printing the size star templates you would like to use. (I chose 4-inch and 5-inch stars.)
  • Next, cut out your star pattern and trace it onto cardboard.
  • After you cut out your cardboard star, wrap it with fabric strips, mixing the fabrics just like you did on your wall hanging. Simply tuck the final end of fabric under another piece of fabric. If you wish, you can glue it.
  • Repeat until you have as many stars as you’d like or your fabric strips are all used up.
fabric-wrapped star tree on Christmas tree

Decorate a Bohemian Christmas Tree

If you wonder how many lights or ornaments we recommend for your tree size, take a few minutes to look over our decorating tips.


First, I started with teal M5 LED lights and purple M5 LED lights. At the same time, the pure white and teal disc-shaped LED lights caught my eye. Because they brought a different dimension, I added them to the tree.


Second, add your choice of garland. No doubt, this 9-ft. iridescent bead garland was just what I was looking for. Silver metallic AND iridescence. Bingo! What’s more, our tree decorators suggest you consider clustering, twisting or layering multiple garlands together to make them more visually interesting. So I took leftover strands of the teal and silver-laced fabric from my wall hanging and draped and wove them into the iridescent bead garland.

Ornaments & Trims

Then it was time to add the ornaments and trims. To be sure, these were my favorites:

supplies for making alcohol ink ornaments for decorating Bohemian for Christmas
dripping alcohol ink into clear glass ornaments to make alcohol ink ornaments
using canned air to spray short bursts of air into clear glass ornament to disperse alcohol ink

Tree Topper and Skirt

bottom of Bohemian tree with silky scarf tree skirt in teals with tassels

Finally, you can put your tree topper in place. (Or you may choose to do that earlier after your tree is lit – it’s up to you.) Our jewel snowflake gold tree topper brought a coordinating clear jewel and glittering gold touch to the tree. On the other hand, a soft, silky scarf I had at home made a perfect skirt for my Bohemian tree. Not only did the teals coordinate with the completed tree, but the tassels tossed out a traditional Bohemian flare.

Don’t Forget the Mantel

I brought some simple Bohemian charm to our fireplace by using three clips from a set of 4 polished silver mantel clips with snowflake design to hang our ice blue and silver garland. In addition, the center clip features one of our patina cardinal metal ornament.

Interested in other decorating themes? Take a look at Natural Decor for Christmas.

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