Cotton Ball Challenge Party Game

I recently discovered a fun cotton ball challenge on Pinterest and knew I had to save it for my family’s Christmas party games. What’s more, Bronner’s had TONS of fun watching Santa and Autumn the Elf competing against each other in this cotton ball challenge while they visited us last year! Trust us when we say it’s like teeny tiny snowballs that bring BIG fun… and laughs!

Snowball Snatch Christmas Game

It’s Autumn The Elf vs. Santa in the North Pole’s Christmas game “Snowball Snatch” – also known as the Cotton Ball Challenge! Who will win?!

The Cotton Ball Challenge

It seems as though there are a few different ways to approach the cotton ball challenge that is floating around. But regardless of which variation you choose, the goal remains the same – SCOOPING as many cotton balls as you can into a bowl using a spoon … while BLINDFOLDED!

The best part of these party games for me is the spectator commentary they inevitably bring! (It’s one of the reasons I am so grateful to have videos from our Christmas celebrations like the year we played the Christmas Tree game.

It’s the commentary that can also come in handy for games like these! (It’s certainly how I knew something was up while my hubby and I faced-off in the cotton ball challenge!)

Unless people are messing with you because, of course, you can’t see. And if we’re being real … trash talk does happen. But let’s not forget, Santa knows when you are being naughty, so you better be nice!

SCOOP by definition, means “to take up or out with or as if with a scoop.”

Why am I bringing this up and say SCOOPING so emphatically?! Because my husband and I have differing opinions on what it means and whether or not a swiped “scoop” is cheating …

What do you think? Is he a winner winner chicken dinner or cotton-headed ninnymuggins?!😜 And in the event that I need to make my case, may I point out how he also steals my bowl at the very end, too?!

🎅🏽Santa sees you hubby, Santa sees … 👀 And I think you’ll be finding coal in your stocking Christmas morning!😂

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