Coffee Pod Christmas Tree

Your DIY coffee pod Christmas tree will bring a jolt of Christmas joy to your home coffee station this holiday season! As shown above, it’s both practical and decorative, you may decide to keep it out all winter long. Indeed, let the Christmas crafting begin!

Coffee Pod Christmas Tree Tools

  • pen or pencil
  • mat knife
  • scissors
  • cellophane tape
  • glue gun & glue sticks
  • ruler
  • rubber band


Coffee Pod Christmas Tree Instructions

  • First, use the pen and ruler to measure and mark each cardboard roll at 2 1/8-inch intervals. To this end, you will need 18 segments total.
Paper towel cardboard roll lying along a ruler and marked every 2 1/8 inches in preparation to make a coffee pod Christmas tree.
  • Second, place a rubber band at the mark to establish an even cutting line around the roll.
  • Third, use the mat knife to cut each 2 1/8-inch segment, moving the rubber band from one mark to the next. At any rate, trim any rough edges with scissors.
Mat knife cutting the cardboard roll along a rubber band marking the line to make segments for a coffee pod Christmas tree.
  • Fourth, cut the aluminum foil into 3-inch by 6-inch strips. In short, you will need 18 strips total.
  • Fifth, wrap each cardboard segment with a strip of aluminum foil, securing each end with tape.
  • Next, glue five segments to a central sixth segment, using a wide line of hot glue and spacing evenly between segments. (As a result, the final three pieces will look a bit like flowers.)
Running a generous line of hot glue along a  foil-covered cardboard segment for the coffee pod Christmas tree.
Hot glue gun sitting alongside a section of six segments glued together for the coffee pod Christmas tree.


Furthermore, if you prefer tea over coffee, you you can fill each open segment with a tea bag. Another option is to fill some open segments with coffee creamer cups. Indeed, you can feel free to mix and match!

In fact, you can make orange clove pomanders to hang in place of the ornaments if you wish. In this case, they will bring a bright, traditional Christmas scent to your coffee station and home.

Orange Clove Pomander for Coffee Pod Christmas Tree

DIY coffee pod Christmas tree with orange-clove pomanders. Tree sits on white mantle and is backed by a white-branched spray with green leaves, small pinecones and silver-glitter spirals.
Chrome Tree with Star 6-Ornament Display Stand,


  • round toothpick(s)
  • paring knife


  • 3 to 6 oranges
  • large bottle of whole cloves
  • 3 to 6 chrome/silver 2 9/16-inch ceiling hooks
  • Gorilla glue

Orange Clove Pomander Instructions for Coffee Pod Christmas Tree

Closeup of orange with clove design hanging in coffee pod tree.
Closeup of two oranges with clove designs hanging in coffee pod tree.
  • First, wash and dry the oranges so any potential wax residue is removed.
  • Second, if you are making a detailed pattern with the cloves, you may wish to score the lines into the rind or the orange with a paring knife.
  • Next, using a round toothpick, poke a hole in the orange in the spot in which you wish to place a clove. Straightaway, stick it into place.
Poking a hole in an orange with a toothpick to be able to add a clove to the design.
  • Finally, continue until all the cloves you wish to put in the orange are in place.

Coffee and Cookies with God

Woman seated in chair and wrapped in blanket reading book. Lighted Christmas tree and fireplace are in the background with a coffee mug and plate with two cookies on a side table in the foreground.

While you’re enjoying a cup of joe, sample a cookie and the book, “Coffee and Cookies With God, Volume 2.” Indeed, this edition serves up 31 devotions for each day in December and 18 Christmas-cookie recipes. In fact, one devotion features Bronner’s Silent Night Memorial Chapel! (With this in mind, you can read more about the chapel on our website.) What’s more, “Coffee and Cookies With God,” a 176-page devotional, was a 2022 Selah Awards and Christian Indie Awards finalist.

"Coffee and Cookies with God" book propped open on table with plate of cookies and mug of coffee in the foreground. Lighted Christmas tree and fireplace are in background.

And since you’ll want to make the cookie recipes in the book, you’ll need our gnome cookie jar to keep them fresh! (Gnome cookie jar available in-store or by contacting customer service at 989.652.9931 or product #1240892, $54.99)

Red, white and black gnome cookie jar with red napkin with cookie, Bronner's logo mug, and part of the DIY coffee pod Christmas tree in the background.
Gnome Cookie Jar, #1240892, $54.99. Available in-store or by contacting customer service at 989.652.9931 or

Can’t get enough yummy cookie recipes? By all means, sample our cookie recipes and enter our Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange on our blog!

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