DIY Mobile with Spun Glass Christmas Ornaments

Bronner’s offers over 50,000 items in-store, so our buyers see a wide assortment of trims and gifts through the year. Just like the rest of us, though, they have their favorites!

For Stacy this year, it’s Gallerie II’s art glass ornaments.

“I cannot pick just one,” Stacy said. “Gallerie II’s art glass is very inexpensive compared to many you’ll find online. I just love their vibrant colors and great details. How can you not be happy looking at them?

“The coastal Christmas theme is growing. I think the growth of the color blue in holiday decorating has helped. These pieces are great for the tree or year-round decorating – picture a sea-life driftwood mobile!”

See Bronner’s online selection of spun glass ornaments available here


Sailing along with the coastal theme, here are a few more great ideas for displaying some of our exclusive ornaments:




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